Vendor Spotlight: Econflo Systems

Pioneers in water-saving technology

Ever thought that maybe, just maybe, you could flush less water down the toilet? How about a fancy way of saving water? You have? Excellent. Then  Econflo Systems are your guys – professionals with everything to do with top end appliances and fittings for the modern day bathroom (a.k.a. sanitary ware) and kitchen.



Who they are

Econflo Systems is a family-run business that began life serving commercial projects before branching off into retail. Founded by one Mr Yeo, it was practically the OG of environmental sustainability – Mr Yeo thought that flushing  Singapore’s most precious resource, water, down the toilet was kind of silly even in the 1980s. The company pretty much pioneered saving water per flush – from a whopping 11 litres to a respectable 2.5 litres. These days, that translates to three to four WELS ticks. In the bigger scheme of things, the standard two  WELS ticks saves about 144 million litres of water per day nationwide! 


Speaking of saving water…

World Water Day is this month on 22 March 2022!

Take the one minute challenge.

Shoot a 60-sec video about groundwater.

Find out more  here!



What they do

If it’s got to do with water, Econflo is in the business of it. More specifically, bathrooms, and, most recently kitchens. Ever since 1985, they’ve been in partnership with trusted European brands. That means, design excellence and innovation in sanitary ware and kitchen appliances. Not some cheap knock off you find online for half the price. And that is why so many customers, both retail and commercial, go to Econflo to supply their homes and projects with the latest and greatest on offer. Brands include Bravat, Duravit, Geesa, Geberit, Hangrohe, and Viessman for sanitary ware, and Franke for kitchen appliances.


What makes them special


The company is the appointed distributor and supplier for all the brands they have. So what, you say? Well, it guarantees the real deal. And the real deal means quality. And quality means great warranties. Because a broken sink on day one is a bad day for everyone. Hurts the customer’s feeling and the brand's reputation so Econflo and their associated brands do their best to give you peace of mind.



Would you trust your car maintenance with someone who says they learnt everything on YouTube? Nobody does. As such, Econflo makes it a point to train everyone. No matter what you’re looking at, you’ll have experts on hand to help you out and work out all your immediate and long-term concerns, from fitting suggestions to recommended plumbers. After all, sanitary ware and kitchen appliances aren’t as disposable as iPhones; they’re long-term commitments that can last many years. 



Speaking of commitments, Econflo understands that everyone’s human. Almost like choosing a life partner, for better or worse, you’ll be living with it for a long time. For that reason, our staff will do their very best to allay any uncertainties you have. When you have distributed, supplied, and served as many large-scale projects as Econflo, you tend to have experience with every single problem that one could possibly encounter. As cherry on top of the icing, the company doesn’t just offer excellent pre-sales service, but after sales service too.


How do they impact the community

Econflo was founded on saving water, long before sustainability was a thing. You could even say they are the hipsters of the green world. With respect to that, all Econflo’s partners are fundamentally environmentally-friendly too. Aside from its business end of things, it has also committed to recycling materials in the course of its operations. It has, since 2021, recycled no less than 7,120 kilos of cardboard and 326 wooden pallets.


It doesn’t just make a difference with the environment too. It’s also committed to making a difference to the communities locally and internationally, from donations, to business initiatives, and, naturally, providing bathroom fittings for senior citizens.


Video: Check out this video to learn more about Econflo! 

Getting in touch with Econflo

For those who love saving the environment and have a good taste for design, visit them online at their  website Facebook Instagram, or their showrooms.

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Their office can be found at:

Econflo Systems Pte Ltd
Address: 401 Commonwealth Drive, #01-01 Lobby B Haw Par Technocentre Singapore 149598
Contact: +65 6396 3738


Posted on 25th March 2022


Kenny Tan,

SiXiDES Writer


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