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Sixides collaborates with Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) to establish a 4-pillar interior design course. These courses have been curated and approved by Skillsfuture Singapore.

Course Overview

Course Overview


Sustainable and Healthy Interiors (Tier 1)

This training is designed to enable fellow interior designers and contractors to understand the fundamentals of a sustainable and healthy interior design, specifically for Singapore homes. 

Topic 1. The Designer’s mission

Building and construction account for 39% of global carbon emissions. Participants will learn the fundamental concepts of environmentally sustainable design and the impact of the industry on global warming. Participants will also be introduced to the various global green standards, and measurement metrics that determine the impact of sustainable built solutions.

Topic 2. Understanding if their design is Green

Participants will be introduced to tools and templates for the measurement of Green interior design for residential spaces, which they can use to apply to their own projects.

Topic 3. The 3Ds of designing a green interior space

Through the presentation of a case study project completed by the trainer, participants will understand the process of designing a green interior space, from conception to completion. Thereafter, participants will learn to apply the 3Ds (Define>Design>Deliver) to a green interior space. 

Who Should Attend : Minimal experience to experienced adult learners within the interior design industry. Participants who complete this course will be awarded with a Sixides badge to be displayed on their profile and an SIT certification.

Course Date : 26th May 2023

Closing Registration Date : 5th May 2023

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Design for Interiors (Tier 1)

The aim of this course is to introduce popular interior design themes, concepts and terminologies to practitioners within and related to the design and building industry. 

Topic 1. Understanding local home buyers

Participants will learn and establish a common language for Singapore homes, the types of homeowners they might encounter and how they might determine and match interior design styles with different personalities.

Topic 2. Types of popular design themes in Singapore

Participants will have the opportunity to learn popular design themes used in the local interior design scene and how these themes differ both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Through the use of mood boards, participants will learn application of colours and materials.

Topic 3. Psychology Of Colors

Participants will learn how colours affect an interior space, its impact on moods and the importance of matching the right colour to the space. 

Topic 4. How Designers should work

Participants will learn how to Discover, Design and Deliver as a designer to their clients. They will be taught how to use the 3Ds template to simplify the process of starting a project with a new client.  

Who Should Attend : Minimal experience to experienced adult learners within the interior design industry. Participants who complete this course will be awarded with a Sixides badge to be displayed on their profile and an SIT certification.

Course Date : Coming Soon


Construction and Material Study (Tier 1)

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Contract and Management (Tier 1)

Stick around this page! We will be back with more information! 

Course Overview

Course Trainers


Astley Ng

Trained in the Fine Arts & Interior Design, Astley is an avid learner of arts, design, culture, experiential design, geomancy & sustainability. He went on to obtain necessary certifications in Feng Shui and sustainability from recognized bodies. Astley believes in the aspect that every space should have a narrative and how that narrative must be enhanced by meaningful experiences. He strongly believes that meaningful experiences cannot be easily forgotten and therefore the integration of the stories and memories are an important ingredient in all his works. 

“This can only be done with the artful blend of discovery and design” he quipps. “No two individuals are the same and thus all built environments are discovered and experienced differently, this breathes ‘life’ and ‘Stories’ into the project, I am inspired by this prospect.” Astley’s infectious talks and sharing sessions usually leads to clients and visitors being completely swept by his ideas and design philosophies.


Mark Teo

Mark received his Bachelor of Architecture, from the University of Melbourne and his Master of Science in Environmental Management at the National University of Singapore and has practiced architecture and interior design, in Singapore, Australia and Canada. In practice, Mark is interested in how spaces impact the way people live and vice versa. He has crafted and overseen projects from small lighting installations to conservation shophouses and multi-unit high-rise residential development. With more than a decade of experience, Mark’s role in practice encompasses all facets of each project, from advising clients on development strategies, design, managing a team of consultants to coordinating the delivery of projects. 

Mark has always straddled practice and academia and has co-created and facilitated design workshops on design thinking and design through making. Prior to joining SIT as faculty, Mark ran his own design practice which focuses on human-centred design with work across a range of typologies, from commercial to residential. He is a member of the Singapore Institute of Architects and served on its Sustainability Committee in 2009, during which he was a contributor for the institute’s policy paper on the attributes of a sustainable built environment. He is currently an assistant professor with the Singapore Institute of Technology and his research interests are in human-centred design, sustainability, urban agriculture, and food security.


Gyn Kong

Gyn Kong graduated with a Master of Architecture from the School of Architecture at the National University of Singapore. She started her career specialising in exhibition and retail interior design. Through working on small projects with a short completion timeframe at an early stage of her career has enabled her to grasp the full spectrum of handling a design project from design inception to construction. 37 Degree - a casual wear retail chain, The Ninth Vine Wine Academy were some of her earlier works. 


Gyn joined Alsop Architects in 2003 to work on larger scale retail and mixed-use projects. She was part of the design team for the Clarke Quay redevelopment, and she managed the Alsop Singapore office during the project. Later, she was posted to Beijing to work on a mixed-use project - Raffles City Beijing. She was vital in the design and detailing of the office tower component. 


Since 2007, she founded Orangeink Design Studio. The range of projects includes master planning, shophouse A&A, and interior design for education institutions, commercial and residential. In the course of her design practice, Gyn was also a part-time design tutor in the architecture school at the National University of Singapore. Gyn is passionate about education and enjoys sharing and imparting knowledge for the design of the environment to her students.