Vendor Spotlight: Wallhub

Modern sophisticated wallpapers for the hot and humid climate of Singapore.

Expensive, yet gaudy and water-damage prone. Wallpaper has kind of had a bad rap since… forever. It’s come a long way since all that. These days, with new materials and technology, wallpapers are not only a possibility but, in many cases, a lot more sensible than wall paint. And the ones to spread the wallpaper gospel to Singapore: Wallhub.

Discover for yourself why Wallhub should really be your next port of call the next time you consider a fresh look for your walls.

Who Wallhub was and is

A rough start

Despite Wallhub’s success (more on that later), it wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies for the company. Horror stories of peeling, tearing, or soaking-wet wallpapers as told by Uncle Sing and Auntie Song had the persistence of the best of today’s urban myths. However, Wallhub’s founders pooh-poohed those myths and sought to banish those myths away with the power of facts and technology.

The dream

So started the founder’s dream: helping people make better choices on protecting and decorating their vertical spaces. That meant bringing in quality products and evangelising about the benefits of this often-overlooked product. And a place to operate from. So business began in 2015, at a small 800sqf sublet unit that was both office and showroom.

Photo Credit : Wallhub (Flagship Gallery at Midview City)

Where they are now

Come 2022, to say Wallhub has grown is an understatement. They now sport three showroom galleries; one each in the north, east, and their 6000sqf flagship store at the centre. In stock are the best international brands in wallcoverings available at an accessible price and it keeps growing as Wallhub keeps up with ever-evolving trends, adapting to changes as quickly as the finickiest fashionistas.

In addition to vast selections, Wallhub is passionate about excellent service. Why else have their own in-house installation team? To give you the best they have to offer, that’s what.

Wallhub’s philosophy

Transparency. Accountability. Trust. The three major pillars of Wallhub. Expect transparent deals, no hidden costs, and unexpected ad-hoc charges. The staff here take ownership for any work, going above and beyond to provide the best solutions for problems and correcting any mistakes made on their watch. Because nothing builds great relationships than good and honest work.


Photo Credit : Wallhub (Londonart Italian Wallcovering)

What they do


With over 25,000 designs to choose from, Wallhub’s collection is cost effective, with an expected lifespan of 7 to 10 years. That’s far longer than any paint will last. And they’re a lot easier to replace too. No sanding and priming involved.

Customised seamless wall murals

The first of its kind in Singapore and, yes, you read that right. Customised. Seamless. Wall Mural. Decorate your wall with any picture you’ve got; photos, paintings, drawings, paper napkin art… anything! Wallhub’s in-house designers will make it fit any wall of all shapes and sizes.

Branded wall coverings

For a bit of class and style, Wallhub also offers:

o    Londonart Italian Wallcovering

Made in Italy, these modern and contemporary designs are courtesy of some of the most prominent designers in the fashion, furniture and architectural industries. Made of waterproof paper reinforced with fiberglass, it’ll even be at home in wet environments like bathrooms and kitchens. 

o    Strato® Textured Paint

An interior textured paint that makes ordinary walls refined and sophisticated that’s at home in any setting, from industrial to modern luxury designs. Can be done DIY or installed through Wallhub’s in-house team.

o     Kastone® Brick Veneers

Love the exposed brick look? At a third of a traditional brick’s thickness, brick veneers are a great alternative to the real thing without eating up space in your apartment. These even feel like the real deal.

Photo Credit : Wallhub (Strato® Textured Paint)


What makes them special 

Wallpapers, wallpapers, and more wallpapers…

Wallhub’s roots are in wallpapers and they’re not just the flat kind. Tactile, embossed, velvet finishing, use of natural materials, handcrafted works by artisans, fitting any interior themes… you get the idea. You really need to visit their showrooms to experience the whole scope of them – 25,000 of them and counting – all sourced from global leading manufacturers from America, Europe countries, Japan and Korea.

… and wallcoverings too

Textured paints and brick & stone veneers represent Wallhub’s exclusive additions. As new products and technologies become available, so will Wallhub’s collection.

Photo Credit : Wallhub (Professional in-house team installing wallpaper onsite)

Professional in-house team for everything

Wallhub prides itself in taking responsibility for everything. As such, they have an exceedingly comprehensive service; in-house teams for everything. Can’t decide on a design to complement your home? In-house consultants. Want a customised wall design? In-house designers. Need professional installation? In-house installers. Each and every one of them is highly trained, competent, and professional. None of that subcontracting stuff.


Photo Credit : Wallhub (Kastone® Brick Veneers)

How they impact the community

Green-friendly products

Wallhub strives towards a cleaner, greener Earth, which is why they:

  • offer Strato® & Kastone® range of products that are accredited by Singapore Green Label, meaning that they’re excellent for those seeking healthier living, especially those sensitive to VOCs
  • provide 100% PVC-free fine quality wallpapers
  • use of water-based ink printing and adhesive that are non-toxic, non-hazardous, formaldehyde-free and solvent free

Community-focused initiatives

The folks at Wallhub one’s blessings should be shared. As such, they try to be involved in as many community projects as possible. They include:

  • Interfaith programmes that work together with people of different faiths, cultures and beliefs in engaging the community, because compassion itself knows no religion. One of the projects include Project Dignity. Together with Dr Maliki Osman, to distribute adult diapers as a practical form of assistance and a way to raise the dignity of elderly. Another includes an overseas humanitarian project to improve living conditions of a poor village in Manila, by providing clean water for the residents and building a cohesion center and enhancing the look with the installation of wallpapers.
  • Supporting Make-a-wish Foundation where Wallhub adopts wishes from children with critical illnesses and revamps their rooms with their choice of customised wallpapers.


Posted on 1st July 2022


Kenny Tan, 

SIXiDES Editorial Team


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