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Once upon a time, mattresses were just mattresses. Everything was some form of spring; no fancy custom futuristic natural and/or space-age material and support. You probably only needed to go to that one shop down the road and BAM! You had a new mattress.

These days, the myriad of mattresses in the market caters for every single body shape for all sorts of ailments. You’ll likely have to visit a million stores just to find the right one for you. Thank goodness for The Mattress Boutique; the only place with just about every mattress for every budget.

Who they are

The Mattress Boutique was born out of honesty. Its founders had an ethical problem; to sell or not to sell substandard mattresses at quality mattress prices? The answer was clear to them – and hopefully you too – absolutely not. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly the standard.  

So, in 2017, the founders put together The Mattress Boutique with this promise: that they would be honest whatever the cost. Good ethics was at the top of their minds. And despite strong competition, after 5 years, they’re still going on strong. And why not? Their customers come back satisfied thanks to good old-fashioned honesty. 

That, and the fact that they have just about all the popular mattresses in Singapore in stock. Why waste time running around when everything can be had in one place?

What they do

Stock a wide selection of mattress 

Now, you’ll probably say it’s kind of obvious what The Mattress Boutique deals in. Kind of. But not quite. Their business, really, is about providing a good and healthy night’s sleep. And mattresses are how they accomplish that. The brands they carry are:

●    King Koil

●    Dunlopillo

●    Slumberland

●    MaxCoil

●    Sleepy Night

●    Sofzsleep

●    Nusleep

●    and many others

Offer more than just mattresses

On top of all that, The Mattress Boutique also carries all the trappings that come with mattresses: bed frames, pillows, toppers, and protectors.

With the huge range of brands and products, homeowners can find everything they want in all sorts of sizes (from single to king), materials (spring to memory foam), and special needs all in one place.

What makes them special

Knowledgeable staff

The Mattress Boutique’s staff are highly knowledgeable whose motivation isn’t sales; it’s to ensure that you get the best night’s sleep within your budget. Even if you don’t buy anything, you’ll still come home knowing more about how to get better sleep.

Lowest price

And if what you’re really after is a really good deal, The Mattress Boutique promises to have the LOWEST PRICE IN SINGAPORE. If you find anything cheaper than what they have, they’ll match it!

Where to find them

For top-of-the-line personalized service, drop by any of these places where The Mattress Boutique is at:

Tradehub 21

18 Boon Lay Way, #01-98C, S609966

Phone: +65 6970 6978

AZ@Paya Lebar 

140 Paya Lebar Road, #01-11, S409015

Phone: +65 6287 6288

Nordcom 2

2 Gambas Crescent, #01-07, S757044

Phone: +65 6898 6288

Posted on 2 February 2023

Kenny Tan,

SIXiDES Editorial Team 


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