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It wasn’t too long ago when digital locks were just a fanciful way of saying that you’ve got the moolah. Why not? Just wave a card or punch in a PIN and CLICK! Door’s unlocked. Just like in five-star hotels. However, these days, they’re so much more than that. And guess who was there to watch them become the technological wonders they are today? The hipster of digital door locks: AN Digital Lock.

If you have a place (or thing) you want to securely lock up, you consider AN Digital Lock, the one-stop-shop for all things lockable.

Who they are

The year’s 2012. A group of young uni students were travelling around South Korea. They noticed smart locks. Not just at shops. Or offices. But also residences. Something about using tech to improve convenience while maintaining high security appealed to them. Right then and there, an idea sparked off and voila! AN Digital Lock popped into existence and it was brought back to Singapore. And what started as a side business to fund studies for a future became said students' future, and now AN Digital Lock is the one-stop shop that we all know today.

A hallmark of a business that values customers above all else is when they train their own in-house technicians. Why? Because locks, especially digital ones, won’t install and service themselves. Early on, the folks at AN Digital Lock agreed that outstanding customer service was non-negotiable – it had to be part of their business model. Depending on distributors to do it meant waiting a very, VERY, long time for anything to happen. Nobody’s got time for that. Better to have people to get it done in a flash rather than wait for the next ice age. And you know what? It worked. Efficient service response and quick turnaround saw their business grow from one tiny bedroom-sized showroom to three large showrooms in just nine years. Their commitment in maintaining excellent customer service has not since changed.

Shopping at AN Digital Lock gets you more than just peace and security from their mammoth selection of extraordinary digital locks – it gets you exceptional after sales service too.

What they do

Digital Locks

It’s kind of in the name; digital locks are their game. They’re trusted authorised dealers for the market’s top digital lock brands hailing from Europe and Asia, from countries such as South Korea and Germany. Some well-known brands include:

-           Solity (Korea)

-           Samsung (Korea)

-           Kaadas (Germany)

-           Philips (Holland)

-           Hafele (Germany)

-           Igloohome (Singapore)

-          and many more

Metal Gates and Wooden Doors

Know how food paired with the right wine makes everything more divine? So too with digital locks and doors. Which is why you can also get metal gates and wooden doors customised to your needs and preferences from AN Digital Lock. For added security, their wooden doors are also fire-rated too!

Digital Safe Boxes

Haven’t got enough locks yet? AN Digital also has digital safe boxes as well. Not only are their choices secure, but some are so well designed that you could hide it in plain sight and folks will just think it’s a centrepiece instead of a mini Fort Knox.


What makes them special

Wide security selection for every budget

With locks that operate with everything from RFID cards to biometrics to mobiles apps to 3D facial recognition, customers will have an exceedingly wide selection to choose from. Regardless of your budget (or lack thereof), you’ll be able to find something to secure your home.

Excellent service and warranty

With a highly trained and experienced team of in-house technicians, you can expect expert consultation, fast delivery, skilled installation, and professional service. In addition, AN Digital Lock throws in a two-year warranty and a lifetime of technical support to boot!

Where they are

AN Digital Lock showrooms can be found at:

Paya Lebar

140 Paya Lebar Road #01-02, AZ@Paya Lebar, Singapore 409015


2 Gambas Crescent, #01-07 Nordcom 2, Singapore 757044

Jurong East

18 Boon Lay Way, #01-98C, Tradehub 21, Singapore 609966


Posted on 11 November 2022


Kenny Tan, 

SIXiDES Editorial Team


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