6 kitchen countertop materials for your next renovation

The heart of every home is the kitchen. Why else do most spend the better part of their waking hours in it (it’s true!)? For that reason alone, you probably should think real hard about how you design the kitchen. And where to begin than the kind of countertop you’ll have. Read on and discover the best one for how you use your kitchen.



Born of hot liquid magma, this stone is as natural as they come. Incredibly solid, it’s exceedingly resistant to scratches, damage (it can blunt knives!), and, of course, heat (650°C anyone?). Every countertop made of this stuff is like a fingerprint — each one has a pattern that is wholly and completely unique. 

That said, it is prone to cracking if improperly installed. Also, for something so solid, granite is shockingly porous. That means if you spill coffee on it, you’ll want to wipe it up real quick unless you like the look of coffee ring stains. Did we mention it’s incredibly expensive?


The fine wine of countertops, marble is oh-soooooo luxurious. You won’t find veined patterns like it anywhere else where natural stone is concerned. In the heat department, it’s no pushover either: it’s very heat resistant like its granite cousin. 

However, marble isn’t quite as tough-as-nails as granite is. Knives can actually scratch and damage the surface. Marble also shares two characteristics with granite — it’s porous and priced very luxuriously.



No, this isn’t the same quartz you find in watches. It’s man-made, engineered stone. 80% resin/polymers, 20% crushed natural stone. It’s a lot like stone with almost none of its downsides. It’s non-porous, far easier (and cheaper!) to customise its shape, and has a wider range of colour options. 

There is a size caveat: each slab has a 3-by-1.4-metre limit. Anything larger and you’ll have to put up with joint lines between the pieces. Additionally, while the polymer/resin part of it makes it non-porous, it also makes it less heat resistant than its natural stone counterpart.

Solid Surface

By far the MOST popular choice of any home kitchen. Made of 100% man-made materials (acrylic and polyester blend), it’s crazy customisable, comes in a mind-boggling variety of colours and patterns, and joint lines are practically non-existent! And all at a very, VERY competitive price.

It’s a lot like quartz in many areas but it’s less durable; scratches and stains more easily. That said, did we mention it’s competitively priced?



Compressed paper. That’s what this is. It’s got a much slimmer profile than all the other surfaces, but don’t let that fool you; it shrugs off water and scratches without breaking sweat. It should come as no surprise that this stuff comes in all sorts of designs (it’s paper after all). 

You can even get it to look like natural material. It might not be as affordable as solid surfaces, but it’s leaps and bounds more affordable than natural stone.


Stainless Steel

This one’s for Gordon Ramsay’s out there. Stainless steel is fantastically functional yet magnificently modern. It’s impervious to damage, exceedingly easy to clean, and anti-bacterial to boot. What’s not to like about it?

Well, there’s the fact that it scratches and dents easily. And it’s really big price tag — it’s even more expensive than natural stones.


Dream kitchens for everyone

Having a hard time choosing one? Don’t worry, just think about how you’re using your kitchen. Is it decorative or functional? Is money no object, or are your finances tight? These questions should help you pick the right countertop for yourself.


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Posted on 7th Jan 2022 

Kenny Tan,

SiXiDES Writer


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