6 Hacks for a Higher Functioning Bathroom

Lighter is Brighter. Brighter is Better

The bathroom is where you do most of your unspeakable, unsightly grooming (I hope), and that means you need it to be well-lit. I happen to have two bathrooms in my humble apartment, the common bathroom lined in white glossy tile, the master bathroom lined in black tile. Sure, there’s something luxurious about darker tiles that lend a touch of mystery. But given both bathrooms have the same lighting, one realises when you’re trying to tweeze that hard-to-see hair, or fix that smudge in your eyeliner, the darker bathroom’s mystery turns into misery real quick.


On the same note.. White is better than warm. 

Leave the yellow mood lightning to your cosier spaces. There is nothing like white lights in a bathroom to make it bright, clean, and highly functional. A strong white light in the bathroom opens up the space and makes for better vision.



Slant your floor tiles.

Just that little tilt in your floor tile just so water naturally drains into the floor trap is a clever trick to ensure you don’t have water pooling the corners of your shower that may cause mould to grow or mosquitoes to have a party. This works especially well for larger bathrooms with a single floor trap. It costs you nothing extra, to boot.



Mirror mirror on the wall.

Shout out to the vainpots of the world. If you are heavily reliant on your bathroom mirror, you really don’t want it facing a well-lit window — the back lit reflection isn’t going to do you any favours. The most well-lit bathrooms have a mirror that’s adjacent to a window, so you get the best natural lighting when you check out your reflection. Also, the wider the mirror, the larger your bathroom will look. This is the oldest trick in the book to create the illusion of bigger spaces.



High and dry.

If you have the budget, plan for a bathroom that has both a wet and dry area. Not only is the maintenance lower, you're half less likely to fall with a smaller slip zone — take it from someone who has a wet/dry master bathroom I've never had mishaps in, versus a full wet old school common bathroom I've slipped in several times. Wet tiles are not your best friend when you're groggy and bleary eyed in the mornings. Having a dry area means you don’t have to deep-clean as often, and you can safely store electrical appliances like your hairdryers, curlers and fancy electric shavers on your bathroom vanity, all within reach.


Air it out.

Foldable doors are all the rage for a great reason, they take up much less space in small toilets, and you can collapse them against the door frame so your entire bathroom can easily air out. After erm… a really intense session, we all understand the best way to dissipate any lingering odours is good ventilation. A large window, or a toilet that has good airflow will beat a scented candle any day.



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Posted on 18th Feb 2022


Rachael Sia,

SiXiDES Writer


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