Indoor garden ideas for HDBs

You’re probably thinking, is there really space in at home, especially a HDB one, for a garden? The answer is: yes, you absolutely can! Thankfully, there are millions out there who’ve already figured out. Here are just some ideas you can use in your own home. Feel free to steal some. 


Small Terrarium Garden

Everyone’s got to start somewhere. A terrarium is as good a place to start as any. Put a few glass cases together, some air plants and succulents, and, voila, an amazing centrepiece!



Room Divider Garden

A divider is a great excuse to put more greens in your home. Plus, it doesn’t fully block the view of the other room, maintaining visual continuity throughout the apartment.


Hanging Garden

If a garden divide takes up floorspace you don’t have, a hanging garden is your best bet – takes up zero space. It’ll be quite the centrepiece to any home.




Mason Jar Wall Garden

These are probably the most versatile piece of glassware on the planet. Hundreds of uses for them, including a herb garden wall. A real rustic DIY look and a steady supply of fresh herbs to boot – what’s not to like?


Circular Wall Vase

Nothing says organic than curves. And these have them in aces. Get the see through class ones and enjoy the earthy transition from soil to roots to leaves.


Test Tube Wall Garden

Feeling experimental? Test tubes just scream science. Mount them on the wall, pop them plants in and EUREKA! Nature science! Also excellent for plant parents who need a place for plant cuttings.


Pegboard Garden

For the inner OCD in you, pegboards are great if you HAVE to move things around. All the time. Plus, you’ll have extra storage space on it.



Plant Pots on Apartment Balcony

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Balconies, no matter how small, are great opportunities for a garden. Just make sure you can still open the doors when you’re done – you don't have to be stuck outside on the balcony forever.


Horizontal Gardens on Balcony Wall

For the especially teeny tiny balcony, don’t fret – just use the walls. Plant everything from flowers to vegetables that need plenty of sun. You have sunlight, right? 


Outdoor-Indoor Hybrid Garden

Not a big fan of closing the balcony doors? Here’s a way to keep that open – have the balcony garden “spill” into the apartment. It’ll blend the inside and out and make the home look bigger than it really is.



Kitchen Garden

Is it a kitchen? Or a garden? Having plants around where you cook can give you that outdoorsy feel whenever you prepare a meal. And admit it: you’ve always wanted fresh herbs within reach.


Bathroom Garden

Perhaps you’ve convinced yourself – there’s absolutely no space left for a garden. Think bathroom. So very many shelf spaces everywhere for pots to go.


Indoor Garden Closet

So minimalist that you have a spare room to… ahem… spare? Turn the whole thing into a garden, or a jungle! 

Time to get gardening

As you can see, if there’s a will there’s a way. Put your mind to it, any place can become a garden. Now, no more excuses – get out there and green up your home!



Posted on 4th Feb 2022


Kenny Tan,

SiXiDES Writer


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