Häfele Singapore and SIXiDES collaborates with AN Digital Lock at third interior design event


Designers Gathering opens new doors for fire and lock safety


Sept 29, 2022 – Last Thursday marked the 3rd Designers Gathering by Häfele Singapore, SIXiDES, and, newcomer to the regular gathering, AN Digital Lock.


AN Digital Lock giving a product sharing session on Häfele Digital Locks


AN Digital Lock is a Singaporean company that was established in 2013. They specialise in high-quality digital door locks, doors, and related products.


Their expertise in this area was why they were brought in to train interior designers in the use of fire-rated doors and Häfele digital door locks. 


Designers experiencing Häfele’s products and showroom


The event was attended by many of the industry’s young and bright creative talents.


Some of these talents also got to walk away with Häfele branded knife sets.


 SITLearn sharing about the upcoming Design for Interiors course


SIXiDES and SITLearn also took the opportunity to share about a new Interior Design Course which would be subsidised by the government. Interested participants click here


 Live chef in action!


The event ended with a live cook show in Häfele’s newly renovated showroom kitchen. Participants got to sample all the dishes that were prepared that day using Häfele’s cooking appliances. 

Check out the video of the event!


Posted on 4 October 2022


Kenny Tan, 

SIXiDES Editorial Team


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