A First of its Kind, Atlas launches its Sound Workshop for Interior Designers

Sound and acoustics are vital elements in creating a comfortable and engaging environment. Unfortunately, it is frequently overlooked or inadequately implemented in many interior design projects, making a space feel dissatisfying for homeowners. Through conversations with customers and visiting homes, Atlas Sound and Vision saw the need for interior design that considers acoustics. 

The Sound Workshop by Atlas 

Atlas launched the first sound workshop for interior designers, to educate them about the important role of sound and its integration into their designs. The workshop took place at the Atlas Experience Centre located at Atlas@Harper, No. 6 Harper Road on 13 and 14 April. It covered the fundamentals of sound, room acoustics, speaker placement, and shared about the latest advancements in audio technologies. Participants gained a deeper understanding of how sound impacts the overall experience of a space and learnt practical techniques for creating optimal sound environments within their designs.

Through multiple sessions over two days, Atlas provided insights into audio technology fundamentals, encompassing the physics of sound, audio equipment, and the influence of interior design on sound quality. Participants learned about various types of speakers and amplifiers and how they significantly impact the audio and visual experience.  


The KEF LS50 Speakers in a variety of colours to choose from.

The audiophile’s choice – KEF 

Atlas also showcased KEF’s new range of media speakers including the LSXII and the LS 50 Wireless. While audiophiles may be familiar with the brand's commitment to exceptional sound quality, these products are also a prime demonstration of user-friendly connectivity and easy setup. Moreover, their wide variety of colours and sizes are sleek, versatile and seamlessly complement any home design.

One standout feature of KEF speakers is their renowned Uni-Q driver technology, which produces an accurate and natural point-source sound, surpassing the performance of traditional speaker designs. The brand’s thoughtful technology and designs have garnered the praise of audiophiles and home theatre enthusiasts who prioritize high-fidelity sound quality in their speaker systems.

CEO of Atlas Sound & Vision, Mr. Michael Tien giving the training to the designers.

Atlas’s experts provided in-depth insights into sound propagation using the showcased speakers. They covered the technical specifications and highlighted the unique selling points of the speakers, enabling the designers to understand how space and aesthetics can be optimized to achieve the best sound quality.

Designers listening intently to the training given by Mr. Tien.

The Atlas team also took the designers on a showroom tour, offering them first-hand experiences with a range of products set up in various home configurations that reflect the diverse spaces found in Singapore.

Mr. Jackie Lai, an award winning designer, with other designers going through the tour of Atlas’s Experience Centre in Harper Road.

An invaluable session for interior designers 

Feedback from the participants was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their appreciation of newfound knowledge regarding sound and its impact. They praised the Atlas team for the thoughtfully curated content, practical examples and use-case scenarios.

Mr Brice Ong, an interior designer participant, shared that he was particularly impressed by a demonstration of a concealed speaker, which the audience assumed was large due to the powerful sound it produced. However, when the speaker was revealed it was small, challenging their preconceptions about speaker size and its relationship to sound quality. 

“I gained a lot in this workshop; this session allowed me to learn more about sound and its effects. The people from Atlas were very knowledgeable and kind. They shared their knowledge on sound systems through examples and scenarios!” – Mr Brice Ong 

The workshop left a lasting impression on the participants, with many expressing a desire to continue attending similar workshops to expand their understanding and broaden their horizons. 

Jackie Lai, an award-winning interior designer who attended the workshop as well, had this to add: “It’s always good to learn new things and keep ourselves informed about how we can enhance and add value to the space we design and build.” 

Workshop Certificates (Level 1) issued to trainees who attended the workshop.

To acknowledge the attendees’ participation in Atlas's sound and acoustical design, each participant was also presented with a Certificate of Competency from Atlas Sound and VisionAtlas hopes to continue educating and inspiring designers to elevate their offering through the power of sound. 

If you would like to find out how you can join a workshop, please contact ask@sixides.com

About Atlas Sound and Vision

Atlas Sound and Vision is a family company that has evolved alongside with the audio industry over the years - from the advent of “hi-fi” in the mid-1960s, to tape recorders, cassettes, records and turntables, physical CDs in the 1980s and 90s, to the current seamless digital streaming and wireless technologies prevalent today. Atlas Sound & Vision started out as a humble record library on Market Street in 1963 and developed into hi-fi retailers, before branching out into distributorship and sound consultancy. Today, Atlas Sound and Vision is a distributor, retailer and more recently, a manufacturer.

While Atlas has undergone a considerable amount of structural changes since its beginnings, its deep-rooted passion for sound and vision, and, commitment to delivering unparalleled quality retail experience endures. Stemmed from the founders’ love for music and great sound quality, it continues to strive to help consumers discover the power of sound and the difference it makes to an environment. Atlas will continue to be dedicated to its original goal to stay as a boutique, premium retailer as it takes on external changes in the retail and audio landscapes.

Posted on 1st June 2023

Kelly Ong,

SIXiDES Editorial Team


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