SIXiDES shows a passion for social causes

When Astley Ng, our chief executive officer, and a group of seven staff and six volunteers made a trip in April 2022 to low-income homes in Singapore’s Chinatown area to install grab bars for the elderly as well as low-income families, he said: “As an interior designer who has been in the industry for nearly 30 years, he hopes to use his expertise to help people in need, and at the same time to benefit more families through his own capabilities during the epidemic.”

With funds raised from a SibayShiok live stream, the Lean on Me team worked closely with People’s Association, for the one-day exercise. “At all times, we ensured that the dignity of, and respect to, the residents were upheld. We were there to give a helping hand, not pity,” said Astley.

Photo: SIXiDES and the volunteers has over 150 grab bars installed till date


Underlying the Lean on Me event and SIXiDES’ approach towards corporate social responsibility is empathy. Astley acknowledges that it is uncommon for designers to take on what they did for the Lean on Me project. But he stresses that “empathy is an important attribute in a good designer.”


“This initiative aims to shine a light on the predicament of those in need and to urge all designers to not only play a part to help but also to learn that, good design is not a commodity that only the rich or affluent can afford, but a service and duty that we all can render to everyone, regardless of social standing.”


Photo: Minister Josephine Teo(far right) with SIXiDES CEO, Astley Ng(far left) at the Lean On Me campaign


Till date, the SIXiDES team and their partners have installed 157 handle bars, and, to that end, SIXiDES has plans to embark on more charitable drives, including a continuation of the Lean on Me cause.


Photo: People’s Association, Wecare Pals, Sixides and volunteers at Jalan Kukoh 


Giving impetus to SIXiDES’ proclivity for further contribution to the community is Astley’s personal experience: “Seeing how some residents used raffia string to pull themselves out of bed, while others lacked toilet seat covers and mirrors, proved to be an eye-opening and humbling experience. We will continue making a difference with the generous donations and sponsorships received.


Video: Check out Sixides video on the #leanonme campaign!


“The journey to empathise and help has only just begun for us. Designers changing lives begins now.”



Posted on 6th May 2022



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