SIXiDES – Because We Know Spaces (and You Better Believe It)

At first glance, you might write SIXiDES off as a typical aggregator of interior design firms, with its easy-on-the-eye low key interface. But look closer, and you will discover the trove of treasures it offers. SIXiDES is a user-friendly, gimmick-free platform spawned from CEO and industry veteran Astley Ng's pent-up frustration with the bad rep the interior design industry has earned itself, with rogue firms and vendors providing bad service, elastic deadlines, and defective designs. 


Astley’s brainchild was manifested with the aid of his founding team CTO Adrian Yeo, who comes with over two decades of IT experience and has catapulted several start-ups into fruition, architect-by-training Head of Creative Leon Yap, Head of Operations Kezs Tan, heir of interior giant Inprodec Associates, Marketing Executive Joe Cao, and Business Development Executive Jamie Kang. With their credentials and united take on the market, they have come together to deliver one clear message: Because We Know Spaces. 


The brand has ambitious plans to become a mecca of reliability and credibility, offering consumers a hub where they can find a rolodex of interior design professionals, trusty vendors, and institutions that have gone through rigorous screening and will continue to be relentlessly pruned to sift out the good from the bad and the ugly. 

Their Spaces category, which holds their inventory of qualified industry players, outdoes directory listing sites like SGCarMart or PropertyGuru by taking their verification process a step further with the Verified icon, borne proudly by professionals, vendors, or institutions who have passed SIXiDES’ screening process, holding true to their mission of safeguarding homeowners by qualifying, verifying, listing professionals and vendors who meet industry standards. Consumers can easily filter searches by price, theme, awards-won, sustainability, or whether the ID or vendor has been verified.

Dive deeper into SIXiDES' Stories, and you will find a wealth of entertaining content categorized into themed bite-sized videos and articles delivered via educational anecdotes and light-hearted banter on the requisite trending platforms. You may also catch the occasional glimpse of a famous face or spot a celebrity guest too. With a foot in the door on creating highly palatable consumer-centric content, SIXiDES is set to become a formidable marketing force for qualified service providers, pushing trustworthy brands out into the market for consumers, creating a win-win-win situation for all.

What’s more, to ensure the continuous upskilling of all SIXiDES’ partners and to educate consumers, the firm has teamed up with the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) in pushing out a curated course approved by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), open to both public and trade. As a consumer-driven interior design platform, SIXiDES jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with an institute of higher learning to manifest it’s a revolutionary platform that met industry standards. Marrying design to Artificial Intelligence, SIXiDES is making it possible for consumers to take a picture of a piece of furniture they like, upload it to SIXiDES, and browse through a generated list of various design possibilities. 

SiXiDES and SIT (the fifth autonomous university of Singapore) will establish a four-pillar course related to interior design - “ID DESIGN COURSE FOR SINGAPORE RESIDENCES”

Sectioned into four categories, the course has twelve parts:

1. Design for interior (3 parts)

2. Construction and material studies (3 parts)

3. Contracts and management (3 parts)

4. Sustainable and healthy interiors (3 parts)


Qualified entrants can use the SkillsFuture Grant to get subsidies for the lessons. SIXiDES is the first renovation platform in Singapore to kickstart such a collaboration with a local university and the first platform to offer interior design courses that run the gamut from design, contract and project administration, and even sustainability!


Look out for more essential functions SIXiDES is coming up with for you! Watch our space at https://www.sixides.com/ and we’ll take care of yours.


Posted on 14th Jan 2022


Rachael Sia,

SIXiDES Writer


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