Sixider material guide - 6 Kitchen Backsplashes

When choosing kitchen backsplash, ask yourself: Are you a Gordon Ramsey? Or a Simon Cowell? [Hint: One of them doesn’t belong in the kitchen.] 

If you’re real chef, you’ll probably agree that cooking’s the easy part – it’s the cleaning that’s truly a chore. For the non-chefs, they just want a kitchen because… why not? 

Working out what you’ll be doing, and not doing, in the kitchen will help you work out the kind of backsplash you’ll need in the kitchen.

For your convenience, here’s a guide to 5 backsplash materials for your kitchen.

1.    Ceramic or Porcelain

It’s the most common. And the cheapest of the bunch. Surely, that means it boring, right? Far from it. For the very same reasons, the sheer variety available, from colours, shapes, and patterns is practically endless. 

As if that’s not enough reason for you stop reading now and get some now, they’re exceedingly durable. And easy to clean. Chefs among you can tell you how important that is.

The only downside? Ceramics can crack due to heat. For something MORE durable, go porcelain. Waaaay more durable and heat resistant than ceramic. The only thing is that it’s less common so there’s less variety in patterns and styles than their ceramic cousins. For more inspiration on ceramic ot tiles, head to (https://www.sixides.com/vendors/brands/hafary) for more ideas. 

2.    Glass 

Clean. Sleek. Fresh. Glass lends a modern and sophisticated look to any kitchen while also adding brightness to place. Also highly versatile, glass can be cut to any shape or form such as mosaic and subway tiles.

Despite its upper-class looks, it’s surprisingly easy to maintain. It’s essentially splash- and stain-proof. Any sort of cleaning is just a matter of wiping it with a damp cloth. The fact that it’s also heat resistant is just icing on the cake.

That said, it is somewhat more expensive than your average tile. And while it’s easy to clean, you’ll need to be OCD-level diligent about wiping marks off –  dirt, food, and fingerprints, are more obvious than a dog at a cat convention. Also, compared to tiles, glass is more brittle i.e. prone to chipping and cracking. Another factor to consider is the proximity of heat from cooking. There had been reported cases of glasses cracking if there is a lot of heavy cooking. As such, always consider your cooking behaviour before deploying glass as a backsplash.

Photo Credit: Kitchen with stunning toughened grey mirror. (Image Glass)

3.    Mirror

Need more depth and light in the kitchen? Mirror your kitchen. They’re a lot like glass but a lot better and bouncing light and making small kitchens look huge. They can come in solid, wall-spanning panels, or in tiles of varying shapes and sizes.

Love all things vintage? Then you’ll love mirrors more; they develop a patina with age. Also, mirrors are essentially glass with a shiny bit behind then, they mirror all the plusses of glass (pun intended) – easy to clean, and heat resistant.

Unfortunately, it’s also true that dirt, fingerprints, and grime show up too easily, and it can chip and crack just like regular glass. Grease from the cooking will also add to the list of the chores if you want your mirror backsplash to look glamourous!


4.    Natural Stone

Great for those who lean towards to the rich and luxurious look. Natural stones include things like granite and marble. And just as you are naturally unique, so too are natural stones – one single one is alike. 

As a backsplash, natural stone is perfect – exceedingly durable and heat resistant. Usually paired as a table top and continuing as an upturn to form the backsplash, the use of natural stone is somewhat of a status symbol, albeit that the use of it is somewhat cliché.

However, natural stone is a bit of a diva – you need to regularly coat it in sealant. If you don’t, it’ll stain. And just like a diva, it’ll never let your forget how badly you treated it – that stain will be there forever. For more information on stones, head to our verified vendor Kstone (https://www.sixides.com/vendors/brands/kstone) for more ideas.

Photo Credit : Fenix in the kitchen ( Fenix )

5.    Matt FENIX Surfaces

Available in a multitude of hues, the Formica FENIX surfaces are just what you’re looking for. We checked in with the brand and asked for their expert insight—here are a few solid reasons why the seamless Formica FENIX surfaces are such a great choice for your kitchen.

This thing is strong and sturdy!

The mix of paper and thermosetting resin makes FENIX surfaces particularly durable. “During production, heat and pressure are applied simultaneously in order to obtain a homogeneous and non-porous product,” she elaborates. 

“The external surface has a multi-layered coating of next-generation acrylic resin, hardened and fixed with an Electron Beam Curing process.”

While they’re all united by strength and longevity, each of the FENIX surfaces has its own unique features. “FENIX NTM is an innovative, matt material that’s pleasant to the touch and very versatile. FENIX NTM BLOOM addresses sustainability challenges by reducing the amount of phenol included in the resin by 50%. And FENIX NTA is an empowered metal surface that is scratch-resistant, soft to the touch and visually comfortable.” For more inspiration on FENIX, https://www.sixides.com/vendors/brands/formica.


6.    Stainless Steel

If you’re a hardcore chef (or wish you’re one), you can’t go wrong with a stainless steel backsplash. It looks ultra-modern and exceedingly professional. The best part, compared to all the other choices, it’s pretty affordable. 

In case the name didn’t clue you in, stainless steel doesn’t stain easily (shocking!). Easy to clean and super hygienic, it’s at home even in the busiest of kitchens. 

Just remember, it’s stainless steel, not scuffles steel or damage-less steel. They can be scuffed. They can be damaged. Over time, these thing build up. And the only way to fix it? Replace the whole thing.

The other reason one would want stainless? It tends to give kitchens a cold look. 

Well? That kitchen isn’t going to backsplash itself. Get out there and tell your ID you want [insert favourite backsplash material] for your kitchen!

Posted on 28th April 2023

Kenny Tan, 

SIXiDES Editorial Team


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