5 legit reasons to have wood in your home

Perhaps you really like wood. Like, REALLY like it. However, you need to convince your significant other that it is so indispensable that it’ll be stupid not to have some (or a lot!) at home. Here are 5 legit excuses to have wood in your home.

1. Durable

Wood is tough. Don’t let the likes of IKEA furniture fool you. The real deal is extremely durable thanks to naturally occurring chemicals, oils, and resins present within their cell structures. If Bruce Lee can train on it and not break it, neither can you. 

Impregnated with the right preservatives, they can be made even more so. Such treatment can make them waterproof, pest and fungal resistant, and/or tougher than normal. 

All that said, not all wood is grown equal. You’ve got hardwoods and softwoods. Hardwoods last for generations. Softwoods, as the name suggest, isn’t quite as sturdy. But what they give up in toughness, they gain in character – over time, they get darker, gain scuffs and scrapes, and become tougher. 

2. Eco-friendly

When harvested properly, wood is leaps and bounds more sustainable than plastics – you can always grow more wood, but you can’t grow crude oil (the stuff plastic is made from, donchaknow?).

Also, if you know your science, you’d know that wood is a carbon sink. That is, it they trap excess carbon dioxide (CO2) that would otherwise be floating around the atmosphere and accelerating global warming. Dead and unused wood decay, releasing that same CO2 back into the air. Keeping lots of wood at home makes you an Earth-saving hero! Just remember to do it responsibly and sustainably. (Find Out More)

 Solid timber flooring adds a touch of warmth to a space. Photo Credit: Lim Ai Tiong (LATO) Architects/Design

3. Insulates

The same interlocking fibres that makes wood tough is also what makes it an excellent insulator. Heat or sound, you ask? Well, both. 

So whether it’s because you’re a kind, conscientious, and responsible neighbour, or a secretive reclusive, install wooden flooring and/or walls – that’ll keep noise within your own apartment space. 

The added benefit? You don’t have to waste energy keeping the heat out of and the cold in your apartment. Less power used means less to pay for your utility bill.

4. Aromatic

Wood has oils that are naturally present and, of course, aromatic (mostly). None of that essential oil business! Each type has its own distinct aroma and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say one could identify where the timber came from just by smelling it. This property brings with it some neat benefits. Aromatic furniture can be made with cedar or camphor to keep bugs away, or pine and walnut for a more relaxing home. We found from our research, that scents like pine wood helps reduce anxiety! No wonder, pine wood is a common material used to create Japanese Zen spaces. Turns out there’s really something zen and calming about it! (Read Here)

 Photo Credit : 13th Design Studio

5. Relaxing

The presence of wood is relaxing. Proven by SCIENCE! Why wouldn’t it? It typically lends a warm and cosy feel in any room you put them in. And it’s not just looking at it that’s relaxing – touching it reduces stress too. Got hypertension? Cover every inch of your home in wood!

What are you waiting for?

Now that you’ve indoctrinated your loved one(s) into the cult of wood, it’s time to start thinking of how you can fill every inch of your home with wooden stuff! Head to one of our listed vendor’s page The Floor Gallery or to their website, thefloorgallery.sg  find out more information on how you could introduce wood into your home!

Posted on 15th May 2023

Kenny Tan, 

SIXiDES Editorial Team


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