6 tips to transform your impromptu WFH space into a professional one

Just when you think it’s over, a new wave comes crashing down on you. And you’ve just packed up your work from home station too. It’s the third (or fourth? Fifth?), time already this year. It might be time to hunker down make this whole WFH thing more permanent. If you haven’t already remodelled your home, here are some tips and tricks for setting up a WFH space.

1. Write on walls with chalkboard or whiteboard laminates 

An idea. I need to write it down. The notepad. Where is it!? Darling, are the pencils!? And then it’s gone. If you’re one who’s got a memory of a goldfish, painting the wall of your WFH station with chalkboard paint might not be a bad idea; the whole wall would be your stage and never go missing. And it’s super versatile. Your thoughts, deadlines, to-do lists, shopping lists, and more would be there for you and your household to see. If you prefer to work with ink, you could always opt for whiteboard laminates instead.

2. Go vertical with storage

Run out of table space? Time to go upwards, mount shelving above the desk. It’ll create more surface area for you to organise your workspace, and it’s also an opportunity to spruce up your home set up with some decor too.

3. Spruce up with greenery

Granted, you shouldn’t be coop yourself inside all day; you need to get out and get some fresh air. However, it sometimes can’t be helped (lockdowns, anyone?) so the next best thing is to create the illusion of being outside while still getting some fresh air. Get some plants. Scatter them around your work area (and high shelves) and watch them transform the space into a cosy and welcoming part of your home.

4. Create workspace with wallpaper

With WFH, separating work and home life is HARD especially when there’s no spare room to cocoon yourself in. Split your workspace from the rest from the house with wallpaper; it creates a clear delineation between the two and, thus, give your workspace a dedicated and purposeful feel.

5. A workstation that you can stand

What do you do when you can’t stand something? You sit down (I’ll see myself out)! But seriously, having a standing desk that quickly turns into a sitting one is a real boon to your bum and legs. Just set up a standing desk with an adjustable barstool and you’re golden. If you’re flush with cash, you could choose one of those fancy motorized ones that go up and down with a button-press.

6. Keep your work life in a closet

If you like mystery films, you’ll love this one: a hidden office in the closet. This is great for small homes that needs a dedicated office space. When it’s time to clock out, just shut the closet and, voila! It’s like it was never there to begin with.


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