TV Consoles: Do we need them?

The TV is the centrepiece of just about every home regardless of whether you’re an avid gamer, film buff, or even someone who has no time to watch anything on it. It’s the first thing anyone sees upon entering a home. Right there. In the middle of everything. Unless you live in a two-storey home, it'll be upstairs then. However, the burning question we all have once we’ve got the TV is whether or not you actually need a TV console. Well, it all depends on what kind of person you are.


What’s a games console without a TV console? You’ll need space for the game console, storage for controllers, shelves for games, and tissues for the tears of your friends as you crush them. Having a TV console also allows you to hide unsightly wiring and cables. If you’re a PC gamer, then forget all that. Turn this space into a theatre instead.

Verdict: Yes, you positively need it.

Film Buff

There are two types of film buffs: 1) those who enjoy watching them, and 2) those who know the history of every single film made in the last millennia.

Casual Cinema

If you belong to the first group, you’re probably hopelessly entrenched into streaming services. All the films mankind has to offer at your beck and call. All at a push of a button. And you’ll only push it once a week. Or two. You could get away with just hanging a smart TV on the wall and be done with it. A TV console would be entirely optional at this point for storage or aesthetic purposes. Or because your TV would be lonely without it.

Verdict: Maybe. It’s purely optional.

Film Fanatic

If you’re serious about film, you’re not just looking at a place for the mountains of Blu-ray discs. You’re looking at a place for everything that comes with a home theatre experience; Blu-ray and/or DVD player, A/V receiver, sound bars, popcorn maker, and more. With all that, it would be criminal to go without a TV console. In addition to providing extra space for equipment and storage, it’ll help you hide the miles and miles of wiring connecting it all together and provide ventilation to keep everything from melting.

Verdict: Yes. It’s essential entertainment equipment.


Sports fan

Nothing says team spirit than decking out your TV space with team memorabilia and colours. And nothing can help do that a whole lot better than a TV console. Or two. In fact, with sports, it’s kind of a whole room thing. You’ve got to go all in and get the right couch and coffee table too; you and your friends will be there for the long haul and every little bit counts. A strong table to jump on for victories and a comfortable couch for when defeat gets you down.

Verdict: Yes. And then some.


Theatre Junkie

Everything you watch has to be on the silver screen, even at home. You’ve got the projector. The reclinable armchairs. Even the popcorn machine (not those puny air-fryer ones). Anything occupying the space IN FRONT of you just gets in the way of the full immersive experience. Where does all the equipment go? Behind you or beside the couch, of course! Need more seats for visiting friends? Think bean bags.

Verdict: No, anything in front is junk.



Being a parent adds a whole new dimension to everything you do. Diaper duty. Feeding babies. Chasing children. Keeping kids alive. Especially keeping kids alive. TV is a huge safety hazard. Bolt the TV and furniture to the walls folks. Or install a fence around them. Or just mount the TV without a console; you don’t want them climbing it to get to the TV.

Verdict: No, unless you bolt everything down.

Do you need a TV console after all?

A TV console may or may not be essential furniture. Ultimately, whether you need a TV console depends entirely on you. Or your housemates. Or your partner. Or your kids. Whoever wears the pants in the household.


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