6 Ideas to Make Small Apartments Seem Large

Space: the final frontier. Every apartment dweller craves the comfort and inviting living space that’s neither cramped or cluttered. However, that extra square footage is exceedingly elusive (like Bigfoot). Not impossible though (unlike Bigfoot). Thankfully, there are tons of innovative minds out there that have figured it out. Some create the illusion of space. Others actually create space.


Without further ado, here are six ideas to make your apartment larger (without breaking anything):


Photo credit : Aestherior (White washed walls creates a visual effect to make a space bigger)

1. Colour

First and foremost, colour. Multi-coloured homes are fun but there’s a reason why most people just paint their house white: white universally makes everything look bigger. Don’t want to be like most people? Now you’re talking. The trick is to stick to the same colour family, preferable light neutral colours. And if you’re feeling fancy, little pops of bold colours will accent the home. It doesn’t have to be limited to just paints; brightly-colored furniture can just as easily complement the home.


Photo credit : 13th Design Studio (let there be light!)

2. Light

Ever looked at a basement (or dungeon) and thought, “This looks nice and spacious!” Don’t worry if you haven’t. No one has. The truth is, the more light there is, the more expansive a place looks. Go with light fabric curtains and block-outs that don’t obstruct windows too much when open; these are great ways to flood the place with natural light. 


Not much sunlight where you live, you say? No worries: artificial illumination will do too. Go nuts with lamps, light fixtures, wall sconces, and all.


Photo credit : Met Interior (even seen such a unique kitchen table before?)

3. Furniture

At the risk of sounding contradictory: more is less. But less is more too. Let’s explain. The more furniture you try to cram into a tiny apartment, the smaller it’s going to feel. They clutter up the place. Less furniture there is, the more spacious the home becomes. 


Go with large furniture to make up for the lack of numbers. Just not too large; if they’re too large, everything else will look small.


4. Go up

Here’s a little challenge. Stand up. Look at all your walls. Nothing on them, right? That's an opportunity right there. Floating storage like shelves, baskets, and boxes, can be mounted and/or hung there. No need for them to be on the ground where you can trip on them. And the fun part, your guests’ eyes now are naturally drawn upward, which, surprisingly, makes rooms look larger. Funny how that works.


Photo credit : Aestherior (Mirror mirror on the wall! Can you spot the mirrors?)

5. Mirrors

Can’t leave out mirrors if you want a bigger looking place. This simple device practically doubles the perceived size of the room. Large ones work especially well. You don’t even need to mount it; just lean it against a wall. Just avoid the ornate ones because those take up space and make the place look smaller. Bonus: mirrors reflect light, which makes rooms look larger.


Photo Credit : Apex Studios (who says huge furniture makes a space look small?)

6. Position

It might not come as a surprise, but furniture position can make or break the illusion of space. Don’t just push them against the walls. Leave a gap between furniture and the walls; it gives the impression of airiness that you only get with larger space.

Small but Mighty Large

Even though your apartment may be small, it’s not doomed to look that way now that you are armed with these ideas. Now get out there and expand your home!


Banner Photo Credit : Home Philosophy


Posted on 6th April 2022


Kenny Tan,

SiXiDES Writer


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