Make Your House Shine with Focal Points

You walk into a room, and something feels… off. The colours seem right. The furniture fits. And it’s all well-lit. Chances are, the room lacks a focal point. 


Focal points are essential to human nature; we’re always looking for something to rest our eyes on. In rooms, it helps anchor everything else in the room, serving as a mental shortcut to its form and function.


Here are 5 quick and easy ideas to create focal points in your home.


Photo Credit : Honeycomb Design Studio

Wall Features for the Entryway

Naturally, this is where you want to make a good first impression. After all, in most homes, it’s wall to the left and wall to the right. So, you only need to put something in front of the entrance. Any wall feature will do; wallpaper, picture frames, or even just a contrasting paint scheme. The one thing you want to be concerned about is that entryways almost always lead into the living room. When it comes to focal points, just like in The Highlander, there can only be one (in a room). Don’t let the focal point spill into the other room. 


Photo Credit : Apex Studio

Potted Plant for the Living Room

Regardless of whether you’ve got a minimalist or eccentric home, a potted plant will always stand out – perfect for a focal point. Now the only thing you’ll have to consider is what plant you’ll put there. Got lots of light? Get a plant that loves direct sunlight. Not so much? Buy one that likes a bit of shade. Finding the right plant is key to its very survival. Because you really don’t want to keep replacing them forever. And for goodness sake, don’t forget to water it.


Photo Credit : Kaizen Architecture 

Light Fixtures for the Dining Room

It goes without saying that the dining table would be the dining room’s focal point. But why stop there? Put a light fixture over it. Then it doesn’t just become the centre of attention, it subsequently directs attention to the table by throwing a halo over it. Just note that this works best with large and loud fixtures. 


Photo Credit : M2 Decor

Round Mirrors for the Bathroom

Mirrors are a natural focal point in any space. It adds dimensions, reflects light, and, done right, serves as a sculptural decor. Getting one without angles would be a pro move because, admit it, how many homes have rounded mirrors? Plus, they look like portals into another world. 

Photo Credit : Wells Singapore

Wells The One for the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home. You really want to make a statement here. And Wells The One Water Dispenser serves this purpose exceedingly (pardon the pun) well. Unlike most focal points, this doesn’t just draw attention with its premium design and construction, but it also serves as a highly functional and hygienic source of drinking water.


It comes in various classy colours and, most recently, two pastel looks too – pink and mint, which makes it easy to match just about any kitchen. Apart from its eye-catching presence, its small footprint means it can fit just about anywhere, so you can install it where everyone can best see it. To pick one of these statement pieces up, head on to:


Wells Singapore Showroom

140 Paya Lebar Road #03-06

AZ @ Paya Lebar

Singapore 409015

(Opposite Macpherson MRT)


Posted on 21 October 2022

Kenny Tan, 

SIXiDES Editorial Team


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