Top 4 Myths about Fire-Rated Doors

Keeping the dog(s) quiet. Helping aunty carry groceries up 20 stories. Not cranking Led Zeppelin to 11 past midnight. All fine examples of good neighbourly conduct. And you know what else is? Not burning the whole building down because you cheaped out, getting non-fire-rated doors for your apartment, and then setting the building ablaze trying to cook wok hei char kuey teow. For this reason, amongst many others, authorities insist that every premises owner install fire-rated doors.

Now the question is, can any door become fire-rated? Sadly, it’s not that simple. To better prepare you for getting proper fire-protection for your home and your neighbours (because you ARE a good neighbour), here are 4 myths about fire-rated doors you must know about.

Myth 1: Just slap on fireproof paint to make fire doors


An oldie by goldie, this myth. While there are paints that are fire retardant, these do not make a fire-rated door. Laws and regulations demand a lot more. The materials, parts, measurements, fit, and even installation need to be very precise and very specific, all done by a certified door manufacturer. Everything has to be tested and certified to comply with these guides. Don’t put your faith on just a layer of paint; make sure the whole door is fire-rated.

Myth 2: Don't mind the gap between fire doors and their frames


Actually, the government minds the gap VERY much. It has to be installed by a certified technician to ensure that the fire-rated door is a snug as bug. That tight gap keeps smoke and toxic fumes from passing through the door. Any less and the door will only ever be as good as a leaky boat made of paper. So these gaps need to be neither too big nor too small but just right. On top of all that, fire seals that help contain fires onto one side (doesn’t matter which side) need to be installed all around the door. All these are non-negotiable.


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Myth 3: Light and mobile furniture can sit near fire-rated doors


No. Just no. Not even dollhouse ones. Fire is neither courteous or polite. It won’t patiently wait for you to gingerly tip toe around or move obstacles. It’ll rage and rush to burn everything in its path. If you trip over anything in your mad dash for safety, it’s game over for you. Keep the path towards fire-rated doors clear of anything and everything.


Photo Credit: AN Digital Lock

Myth 4: Any digital door lock will do for fire doors


If only it were that simple. Sadly no. Fire doors are a whole package; any compromise and it stops being a fire door. Fire-rated doors need fire-rated locks. This applies even to digital locks too. How do you know if what you are buying is a fire-rated door and/or lock? Look for certification issued by relevant government approved testing bodies, such as Singapore Testing Service (STS), PSB , and SETSCO.

In search of one this very moment? Then you’re in luck – AN Digital Lock has six models that are totally fire-rated. That’s more than any other store in Singapore. So whether you’re looking for keyed or keyless, passcode or fingerprint, smart locks or simple locks, they’ve got you covered.

 In addition to fire-rated digital locks, AN Digital Lock also offers fire-rated doors to match. Any doubts and worries you have about fire-rated doors can be answered by their friendly consultants.

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Posted on 18 November 2022

Kenny Tan,

SIXiDES Editorial Team



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