Astley Ng - Reinventing Spaces for Nearly Three Decades

Astley Ng, Founder of SIXiDES, an accomplished interior designer with almost 3 decades of regional interior design experience

Who is Astley Ng

For close to thirty years, Astley Ng has been a formidable presence in the world of interior design, known for his meticulous attention to detail, fervour for design, and a penchant for innovation. Through his unwavering dedication and creative vision, Ng has distinguished himself from his peers, and his entrepreneurial spirit gave birth to SIXiDES, a platform revolutionizing the way we think about design. 

Astley Ng in Manila Event, Anthology sharing the ideas of Green Interior Design to about 200 architect students in 2019.

The Journey of a Passionate Designer

Astley Ng's foray into interior design began with a humble internship at Nobel Design Holdings. With a fiery passion for design matched with a keen interest in technology. After his stint in Singapore’s National Service. Recognizing the potential of the digital sphere, he pioneered an online quotation system while working with Nobel’s subsidiary company, Men at Work — a testament to his innovative approach to bridging technology with the design process. This is when the seed and idea of how technology could be used in the home renovation research.

With each passing year, Ng's influence expanded substantially across the Asia-Pacific region. His name became synonymous with thoughtful, user-centric, and innovative designs, earning him widespread recognition and numerous accolades. Astley's commitment to sustainable practices and Feng Shui principles has not only won him a diverse clientele but has also solidified his status as a venerated designer, acclaimed speaker, and regional ambassador for design excellence.

Hisense Billboard featuring Astley as Brand Ambassador


Astley in Beijing during a shoot of CCTV’s JIAO HUAN KONG JIAN

Some of Astley’s Awards and Accolades

    Co-curator and Trainer for SkillsFuture approved Green Interior Design Course taught in Singapore Institute of Technology 2022 to present (Visit: SITLearn)

    First Singaporean featured in China CCTV interior design programme 2019

    First Singaporean participated in China’s rural area mural painting  Colour Way of Love 2019

    First Singaporean Interior Designer to endorse Hisense Centralised Air Conditioner 2019 (More info: YouTube) 

    First Singaporean to receive China’s Top 20 most influential Interior Designer award 2019

    Appointed Vice President, Society of Interior Designers, Singapore 2018-2019

    Multiple Singapore Interior Design Awards Recipient 

    Multiple International Property Design Awards Recipient 

    Multiple local and overseas awards

    Council Member and Judging Panel Asian Young Designer Awards 2015 - 2019

    Appointed Adjunct Assistant Professor, Singapore Institute of Technology 2019

    Certified Feng Shui Practitioner since 2010 (Visit: Sixides)

You can learn more about Astley’s work here

Refining Interior Design: The Launch of SIXiDES

Astley's distinguished career in interior design garnered him numerous awards and recognition, yet he sensed a critical element was missing. The industry was vibrant and drenched in creativity, but it sorely needed a transparent and trustworthy platform to link all stakeholders. Committed to filling this void, Astley conceived a unique space that would allow designers, vendors, and clients to seamlessly connect, collaborate, and craft with conviction. The realization of his vision led to the creation of SIXiDES.

SIXiDES represents Astley's drive for progress and superiority within the realm of interior design. However, SIXiDES transcends the concept of a simple design marketplace. It's an expertly curated community that emphasizes authenticity, artisanal quality, and unwavering integrity.

Astley and his badges

The Essential Role of Verified Badging

In any service-oriented sector, trust is essential, and this is particularly true for interior design. Astley recognized the hurdles clients faced when trying to distinguish reputable and truly skilled professionals. To address this, verified badging became a fundamental aspect of SIXiDES's philosophy.

The verified badge on SIXiDES goes beyond a mere emblem; it serves as a guarantee of quality and dependability. This badge indicates that professionals who display it have been meticulously vetted, confirming they have the necessary credentials, experience, and professional conduct that align with SIXiDES's elite standards. How then does SIXiDES audit the designers? 

SIXiDES 6 Cs Formula






    Consumer Feedback

The exact auditing formula is kept as a secret, but Homeowners will have peace of mind knowing that the audit process is based on a measurement of the six parameters listed above and relevant to today’s scientific approach to accrediting a designer or a design firm.

With the verified badge system, SIXiDES aims at establishing better and immediate trust with homeowners, contributing to a culture of professionalism and outstanding service within the SIXiDES community.

The Idea of a Ballpark

Astley was well-aware that clients often sought quick estimates for their design projects or renovations. The frequent requests sparked an innovative idea: what if technology could instantly generate renovation quotations, 3D visuals, or space planning? Pursuing this concept, Astley and his team developed "EQuote," SIXiDES's AI-driven tool designed to provide homeowners with immediate and accessible cost approximations.

The EQuote innovation represents a step forward in the world of interior design, merging convenience with cutting-edge technology. Now, with just a few clicks on a mobile device or desktop, clients can effortlessly obtain an estimated quote without the usual wait or uncertainty. This tool streamlines the initial planning phase, allowing homeowners to comfortably explore their options and embark on their design journey with confidence, all enabled by SIXiDES's AI capabilities.

The strategic actions led by Astley Ng and his start-up team to bring SIXiDES to fruition mark a significant change in the engagement and perception of interior design in Singapore. As SIXiDES continues to lead the charge in promoting a verified standard of excellence  and pricing transparency in the design industry, it upholds Astley's steadfast commitment and innovative leadership, reimagining the interior design and renovation landscape for the future. And, yes he is no longer an Interior Designer now, but he is still very much in the interior design scene, motivating and making progressive changes to the industry.

Posted on 8th March 2024

Written by Yuki Tan

SIXIDES Editorial Team


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