Interior Design Trends of 2022

Inspiration for this year’s renovations


The past couple of years have been rough. Everyone’s been forced into a more intimate relationship with their homes and, well, there’s a lot more room for improvement than anyone cares to admit. That’s what living and working in the same space does.

As Covid-19 transitions from being a pandemic to an endemic in 2022, and you finally decide it’s time to redo the home, you think, “What’s trendy now?” To that question, here are seven interior design trends you should look out for in 2022:

1. Biophilic Design

A holdover from our primitive lizard-part brain, but every man, woman, and child inherently feels a lot better, happier, and relaxed around nature. That’s why biophilic design will be big in 2022. Natural lighting, materials, and plants goes a long way to producing a healthy, mood-boosting, air-improving environment at home. After two years of living in relative isolation (thanks a lot, Covid-19), most have come to appreciate the world outside a whole lot more.


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2. Organic Shapes

Boxes, right angles, and the like are inherently not sexy. People just love curves. Can’t get enough of it. That’s why, in 2022, curves will continue to  trend. It’s just a matter of finding new ways to apply curves, like stonework and carpentry. “Imperfect” waves are the new black. Try them on consoles, workstations, or even your furniture. Think drum tables and circular rugs.


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3. Multifunctional Spaces

Just realised you haven’t got a mansion with every room imaginable? Of course you did, what with the pandemic. However, don’t be dismayed; there are plenty of ways to get your existing ones to do double duty. Think kitchen/dining, living room/office, and bedroom/workout area. And with furniture that can serve double duties, such as sofa beds, storage bench, and wall beds, it isn’t as hard as you think.


4. Sustainable Design

Yes, mankind is still destroying the Earth. Fortunately, we’re getting better at being less destructive i.e. by going green and reducing our carbon footprint. And so can your next renovation project this year and beyond. Look out for Energy Labels when shopping for appliances. Think sustainable, eco-friendly materials; there are tons of choices these days. Glass, bamboo, natural stones, cork, reclaimed wood, textiles, linen, hemp, recycled aluminium… just to name a few.

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5. Vintage Design

Antiques. Old-timey. Retro. No matter what era they’re from, they instil nostalgia and transport the mind back to an age that many romanticise as being more beautiful, meaningful, and simpler. And they’re totally in vogue this year. There are two schools of thought on how to best include vintage artefacts; picking one era and include only things from that time for continuity, or mixing it all up to make rooms ageless.

6. Pantone Colour of the Year: Very Peri

If the company that standardises the world’s colour palette says it’s so, who are we to complain? Use it in everything from paint to fabrics. And all you have to do it just quote PANTONE 17-3938 when looking for that very colour.

7. Minimalist Interior

Minimalist design is here to stay. The clutter-free, smooth and relaxing style is just as timeless, safe and classy as it has always been. The only way to make it better is to throw in come curves (see “Organic Shapes” above).

A style for you

Pick one, two, or all of them. Whatever your choice, find one that best reflects you because, ultimately, you know you best. Then run them through your interior designer who knows how to best mash it all together.


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Kenny Tan,

SIXiDES Editorial Team


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