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Atlas Sound & Vision is a family company that has evolved alongside with the audio industry over the years - from the advent of “hi-fi” in the mid-1960s, to tape recorders, cassettes, records and turntables, physical CDs in the 1980s and 90s, to the current seamless digital streaming and wireless technologies prevalent today. Atlas Sound & Vision started out as a humble record library on Market Street in 1963 and developed into hi-fi retailers, before branching out into distributorship and sound consultancy. Today, Atlas Sound & Vision is a distributor, retailer and more recently, a manufacturer. While Atlas has undergone a considerable amount of structural changes since its beginnings, its deep-rooted passion for sound and vision, and, commitment to delivering unparalleled quality retail experience endures. Stemmed from the founders’ love for music and great sound quality, it continues to strive to help consumers discover the power of sound and the difference it makes to an environment. Atlas will continue to be dedicated to its original goal to stay as a boutique, premium retailer as it takes on external changes in the retail and audio landscapes.






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