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Established in 2019 in China and Singapore, AddIn is a groundbreaking vertically-integrated e-commerce platform that has received endorsements from representatives of both governments. With a strong presence in China, Singapore, and the rest of Southeast Asia, AddIn aims to provide customers with a seamless and convenient shopping experience by offering a diverse range of home products and solutions at the best prices. AddIn believes in the power of connection, reliability, and inspiration. 

The company envisions becoming a renowned name in the home solutions industry, consistently leading the way with carefully curated and customised home products and solutions. By leveraging digital technology, AddIn strives to create seamless customer experiences and present its discerning customers with coveted choices that elevate their lifestyles. Through extensive networks and strong partnerships in Singapore and China, AddIn has built a closely connected consumer market, enabling customers to shop economically and effortlessly anytime, anywhere. 

The platform offers a comprehensive range of home essentials, including furniture, home office solutions, kitchen appliances, home living appliances, household products, sockets and switches, lighting, smart home products, soft furnishings, curtains, wallpapers, and decorations. Customers can find sofas, coffee tables, display cabinets, dining chairs and tables, bed frames, mattresses, wardrobes, study chairs and desks, bookshelves, and other high-quality products that cater to their needs. 

At the heart of AddIn's service culture is a dedicated customer care team based in Singapore. The team's mission is to provide guidance and address any purchase-related concerns, ensuring that customers feel valued throughout their journey. AddIn strives to create meaningful touchpoints at every stage of the customer experience, enabling customers to enjoy instant satisfaction through a seamless and enjoyable checkout process. As a CaseTrust-accredited platform in Singapore, AddIn adheres to the best practices set by CaseTrust, ensuring fair trading and transparency for customers. The company has also been honored with the Consumer's Choice Award by Malaysia's National Consumer Action Council (MTPN) for its outstanding service to consumers. These accolades reflect AddIn's commitment to offering 




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