The Trend Of Arches And Curves, Is It Here To Stay?

Arches and curve niches seen in this project, not only softens the look and relaxes the eyes, but it is also subtly eye-catching as well. (Image by Orange Interior

Embracing the Curve: Singapore's New Interior Design Trend

In the bustling cityscape of Singapore, a new design ethos is curving its way into homes and commercial spaces alike. Gone are the rigid lines and sharp corners of yesteryear—now, the interior design scene is bending towards a gentler aesthetic embodied by curves and arches. This trend is more than just a visual delight; it's a philosophical nod to fluidity, movement, and the natural world.

Image by Orange Interior

The Curve Appeal in Singapore's Design Scene

Singapore is renowned for its modern architecture and design-forward spaces, and the latest trend to sweep the nation is no exception. Arches and curved shapes are cropping up everywhere, from doorways to furniture, tapping into a collective desire for warmth and comfort within the urban environment. 

It’s somewhat retro yet refreshing, adding symmetrical arches to the display cabinet breaks the monotony of angular forms that has perpetuated TV feature walls for years. This feels calm and refreshing. (Image by Cheng Yi Interior Design

In a city that has always pushed the boundaries of design, these sweeping forms break away from the stark, angular lines that have become commonplace in modern interiors. Instead, they offer a refreshing departure towards a more human-centric approach to design—a key aspect in an ever-evolving industry that deeply impacts our daily experiences.

6 Ways to Incorporate Curves and Arches into Your Space

An arch doorway leading into the Master Bedroom. (Image by Ethan Interiors

An arched, unique and tapered doorway leading into the bathroom (image by Kaizen Architecture)  

Arch Doorways:

A classic interpretation of this trend is the arch doorway. It not only creates an architectural focal point but also adds a sense of grandeur to any entrance. 

A bomb shelter cleverly concealed by a box up with a large, curved display niche in the corner. (Image by Cheng Yi Interior Design

Don’t you think curved furniture are just so sexy? (image by A Blue Cube Design

Curved Furniture:

opt for sofas, chairs, or bed frames with rounded edges and fluid lines. These pieces can soften the look of a room and serve as comfortable and stylish focal points.

The designers from Ethan incorporated the rounded arches element in a consistent and meaningful way in this dining hall. (Image by Ethan Interiors

A rounded ending to the settee, creates an opportunity to dress up and display. It is more fun to look at than the flat side of a typical cabinet. (image by A Blue Cube Design

Round Decor Elements:

Incorporate round mirrors, clocks, or artwork to bring gentle curves to your walls, breaking up the monotony of straight lines. If budget allows, you can have some customised carpentry made with curved or rounded forms.

A suspended nightstand but with curved edges look so sexy right? (image by A Blue Cube Design)

Arched Shelving, Curved Shelving: 

Custom-built arched shelving adds both functionality and visual interest. It can display your favourite books and keepsakes while contributing to the curved aesthetic.

A rounded island not only softens the look but adds to the luxurious feel of this beautiful island counter. (image by A Blue Cube Design

Curved Kitchen Island:

A kitchen island with a curved countertop not only looks sleek but also encourages a more social, inclusive environment by removing harsh corners.

The curved sofa in A Blue Cube Design’s settee flows from one end to another, this treatment connects the spaces and creates a continuous and seamless look. (image by A Blue Cube Design)

Flowing Layouts:

Consider an open floor plan that incorporates curves into the layout of your rooms. This might mean rounded corners where walls meet or flowing transitions between different areas of your home.

It’s Here to Stay!

As this trend continues to grow, more Singaporeans are discovering the inviting softness that curves can bring to their interiors. Whether through structural changes or smaller design elements, there's an array of options to add a sinuous touch to any space. It’s high time designers bring the sexy curves back into our designs!

Posted on 26th February 2024

Written by the Designerd

SIXiDES Editorial Team


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