Quan Yifong is Homeless No More!

1.    She’s Homeless?!


In 2022, many news sites reported that she sold her home and would undoubtedly live from the suitcases and in hotels. From her dynamic appearance on the small screen to her spirited personality, Yifong is no stranger to all of us in Singapore and has firmly cemented herself as a household name here and beyond. So how can a household name be homeless? ( 8 DAYSASIAONE)

2.    Things Have Changed.

Fear not, loyal fans! Everything has changed! This is only a temporary state. Now, our beloved Yifong has found her nest, and she's lovingly opened the doors for a home reveal tour via us at SIXiDES!

Part 1: There's No Place Like Home

Part 2: Home is Where The "Art" is 

Yifong called us up late 2022 and we discussed about getting her new place done up with the help of designers and vendors found on he SIXiDES platform. In a matter of weeks, we helped her find the ideal designer, and she eventually decided to do this project with Benjamin Toh from M2 Décor. (M2 Décor

Judging from her previous homes, you’d think she would be going for something big and opulent. However, this time round, she got a 2 bedder apartment as she wanted something easy to maintain. This is reflective of her current work and as her daughter, Eleanor Lee is Beijing based, she does not need something big. Nowadays Yifong mostly stays alone and wants a home that is smart, green and healthy, and of course, easy to upkeep.


The two bedrooms, one for Quan and the smaller one for Eleanor.

3.    Home Is Where The Art is.

As one would expect, Yifong's new home reflects her vivacious persona as well as her daughter’s penchant for art. It's not a house; it's a 'Yifong & Eleanor Museum,' where each corner whispers a story of their unique journey together. In fact, the moment, we enter the unit, we are greeted by Eleanor’s collection of toy figurines. According to the mummy, her daughter has a say in the accessorising and dressing up for the home, the toys will greet visitors now as opposed to all the trophies that Yifong had amassed over the years. 

Instead of the trophies that Yifong had amassed over the years, the display niche that greets every visitor that enters the home, now houses a collection of pop toys. We even found miniature toy versions of mother and daughter at the corner!


We are guessing but these clay figurines should be Mummy Yifong and Eleanor, made by Eleanor herself!

There is also a small section of the wall, dedicated to Eleanor’s collection of paintings. We did a little sleuthing and found that these paintings had followed them from the previous home made its way to the current one. 

The same artwork followed them to the new home too. 

The art pieces adorning the walls are not mere decorations; they are the repository of their memories, and as we observe around the apartment, we can tell through the artworks, how much Yifong had encouraged Eleanor to explore her creative side. It’s no wonder that she chose to put the trophies in storage and rather let these art pieces take centre stage.

4.    The Interior Space Has To Match The Art.

Yifeng’s kitchen with an island table. No room for a dining table, she’d rather have an island and used it as a prep table and a place to get a quick bite.

The kitchen, or as Yifong likes to call it, the 'heart of the home,' is a delightful surprise. The designer, Benjamin Toh from M2 Décor calls it Sleek and modern, with a touch of “English” vibe. It's not hard to imagine Yifong, preparing some food while entertaining guests with her infectious laugh!

The master bedroom is elegant, minimalistic, yet filled with cosiness. The 2 leaf barn door actually hides the walk-in wardrobe.

The master suite is a sanctuary of tranquility, a stark contrast to her bustling public life. It's here that Yifong retreats to after a long day, a space designed for comfort, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Benjamin chose to use fluted panels in the bedhead and as well as the vanity cabinet. In an all-white interior space, this helps to adds textural interest, and make an otherwise white and flat room looks sexy and cosy.  

From the plush bed to the vanity area,  every detail is meticulously chosen for its promise of rest and relaxation yet serving functional purposes.

This celeb home tour is not just about opulent interiors and designer furniture; it's really about seeing the side we don’t often see for this mother, daughter duo.  You can’t help but feel that “home is where the art is” is really an apt name for this home renovation project. 

5.    She’s Back Home Now!

So, fans, rejoice! Quan Yifong is not homeless anymore. She has a fabulous new address, a place that resonates with her spirit. And thanks to www.SiXiDES.com, we've all had a chance to step inside and marvel at Yifong and Eleanor's world – a home that is as simple, elegant, unique, vibrant, and artistic as well. 

Posted on 8th September 2023

Written by Astley Ng – the designerd.

SIXIDES Editorial Team


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