Feng Shui Your Home For The CNY 2023!

1.    Yes I am a Feng Shui Practitioner!

Before anyone flags me and call me a con-man, I am truly a certified Feng Shui practitioner and here is my certificate of practice that I graduated from since the Singapore Feng Shui Centre, under the tutelage and mentorship of Grandmaster Vincent Koh, (one of the few Grandmasters in the world!) in 2010. As such, I have more than a decade of experience and practice in combining this ancient wisdom with our modern interior design living. In fact, I had come up with a modern way to fuse modernity into the classical art of Feng Shui. In this “WORD FROM THE NERD”, let me share how you can “Huat” a little bit more with 3 simple ways to activate or find the wealth spots in your home!

Astley’s Certificate of Practice for Feng Shui

2.    Huat is a wealth point?

Simply put, in Feng Shui, a wealth point/location/spot/sector is an area of a home or shop or office that is associated with wealth , prosperity and abundance. You may be asking, 

“How can a single location or spot in a space bring in luck or wealth? It does not make scientific sense at all!”

Let me try to explain this in the easiest and most modern way. Imagine you are a caveman now, and your residence is literally a cave. And in a cave, there are dark spots, dry spots, damp spots, airy spots and warm spots. Which means if you, the caveman, were to bring in firewood, would you place the woodpile at the dry spots or the damp spots? Would you start the fire at the dry spot or the damp spot? 

It is actually quite logical that if we want the best possible result for starting a fire, we would place the wood in the correct environment and yield the best possible outcome. 

Have you noticed that in restaurants, the cashier counters may have a tipping box for you to drop the spare coins in? If you just happen to not want to carry the coins, or you really want to tip the waiting crew, the tipping box will remind you to tip them. Or when you are making payment in Don Don Donki, they have a “snaking” pathway that they are lined with goods like titbits and snacks, for the purpose of making you do a last minute impulse purchase?

Payment at typical Don Don Donki stall

So the idea of a tipping box, a bunch of impulse buying displays and a “wealth spot” acts in the same way. They are symbolic and are there to communicate a purpose like tipping or impulse buying. If used in an appropriate location, they can be very effective, for the same logic that you should start a fire on dry ground. The theory is similar.

Hence in Feng Shui, many people take the symbolic aspects quite literally and place piggy banks or water features or even FU LU SHOU figurines at these wealth spots to activate the luck. Personally, I prefer that we take a modern approach and activate in the most subtle way like plants or decoration items to activate the wealth spots as opposed to putting figurines. It has to feel homogenous with the design and theme of the home. Remember that just like the wind, good Qi (luck energy) is not seen but felt. Therefore, it should be subtle and non-intrusive.


Tips for a Scandinavian styled home: FU LU SHOU and a designer, Scandinavian design piggy bank. Ideally use elements or décor items that gel into your home design. If it sticks out like a sore thumb, then it is the wrong approach.

3.    The 3 theories for locating the wealth points.

There are many theories to locate your wealth points, but from this article, we’ll be sharing 3 and they are: 


Simply locate the southeast location of your home. You do this by standing in the center of the home and using the compass to determine the location of the southeast. If it turns out that southeast happens to be a bathroom or a bedroom, then use the spot just before the bathroom or bedroom. However if the location is too crammed and not suitable to place any objects, move on to theory 2.

Location of Southeast is in the bedroom and the exterior of the bedroom is actually the entrance of the bathroom, therefore this is not suitable to use theory 1.



Self/life Kua number chart – find your name and note your Kua number.


East and West House Group Chart

This one is actually quite easy too. Just take reference to the 2 charts above. Find your personal Kua number. Assuming you are a female born in 1999, then your Kua number is “8” and for you, the wealth area is Southwest (SW).


Visible wealth point (明财位) reference guide.

For Visible wealth point, it is very straightforward too! If your entrance is on the left, the right most corner is your wealth spot. If it is center, then it is actually the 2 corners. If the entrance is to the right then the opposite left is the wealth spot. 


Wealth spot is opposite the main entrance.

4.    Simple and easy way to use Feng Shui.

Of course, there is a whole lot more to Feng Shui than just these 3 theories. This is just a simplified explanation of how you can bring in more luck for the new year, especially since the GST got increased by another percent, we need all the wealth we can get!

Keep in mind these are just general guidelines and the specific enhancements will depend on individual needs and circumstances. My advice is to still consult a professional Feng Shui practitioner if you want a comprehensive audit of your home. But if you just want to experiment and have some fun, you can try these theories out and who knows, maybe you will huat nonstop after deploying these enhancement techniques! Happy New Year to (兔) you! Huat ah!

Astley Ng

The Designerd

Sixides Editorial Team


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