5 factors to consider when buying a mattress

Mattresses are a big deal – they affect our quality of sleep and, thus, quality of life. No surprise. We spend a third of our lives on them after all. Considering that most replace their mattress as often as they renovate, you’ll want to REALLY think about these 5 factors before getting your next coma-inducing platform. 

1. Size Matters 

Big? Small? Or something in between? Think Goldilocks here: there IS a size that’s just right. Consider your body size, height, and bed frame.   

When choosing one to match yourself, it’s not a problem if the mattress is oversized. But too small? Hope you like sleeping in the fetal position.  

Next is the one thing most overlook – height. Too high and it’ll get difficult to get INTO bed. Too low and it’ll be difficult to get OUT of bed. Get one where your feet can touch the ground when sitting on it. 

Lastly, it’s got to match your bed frame. ALWAYS match the mattress to your bed frame’s size. Many inattentive buyers have ended up with mattresses that stick out worse than a sore thumb.  

2. Material Needs 

Just like ice cream, mattresses come in all sorts of flavours (just not as tasty).  

Memory Foam. Invented by NASA back in the 60s, memory foam is like a nice warm hug, cradling every part just right. Basically it’s one of the best at body posture support, relieving pressure points and back pains. Some with cool gel tops help to beat Singapore’s warm climate. 

Latex. Memory foam’s nature-loving cousin is made with natural rubber; no harmful substances, chemicals, heavy metals, VOCs, or formaldehyde. And they’re naturally hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-allergen. Boasting outstanding durability, shape-retention, and resilience, they can be any from very soft to very firm. 

Innerspring (a.k.a. Bonnell Spring). Around since the 19th century, these mattresses with interconnected spring coils are the most ubiquitous because 1) nobody likes sleeping on cold hard dirt 2) they’re nice and  firm, offering maximum back support. 

Pocketed Coil. Same same but different from innersprings – each spring has its own fabric “pocket”. This means that every single one supports every part of your body independently. This makes the bouncier, quieter (no squeaks), eliminates movement to other parts of the mattress. You could have a silent rave party on one side and still not bother your sleeping partner on the other. 

Hybrid. The best part is that you don’t really have to choose between all the choices – practically match the mattress to your needs. Need a bouncy, body-conforming mattress? Get a pocketed coil topped with memory foam. Allergic and nature-loving? Swap that memory foam with a latex one. 

3. Firm or Soft Touch 

Firmness is divided into soft, medium, medium-firm, or firm, with each serving different sleepers best. 

Side-sleepers benefit from soft to medium-firm mattresses which don’t put pressure on shoulders and hips. 

Back sleepers will enjoy firmer foam mattress or a coil and foam hybrid one which, typically, is better at holding up your spine without putting unnecessary pressure anywhere.  

Stomach sleepers puts stress on their spines that leads to back and neck pain. A firm hybrid or foam mattress would help sort that out. 

Combination sleepers change positions often. A medium-firm mattress may offer just the right blend of comfort and support. 

Body Weight

Essentially the heavier you are, the more you'll benefit from a firmer mattress. Vice versa if you’re on the lighter side.  

4. Budget 

The market is just swimming in mattress variety with prices ranging from a couple of hundred to thousands of dollars. Going in blind, you might end up coming home with an expensive lemon you can’t get rid of. More isn’t always better – go armed with knowledge, tons of questions, and, most importantly, a budget.  

5. Where to get them 

Going out shopping is no small task and it would be a hassle if you had to trek across Singapore looking for the best mattress with the best deals. Thankfully, they’re a boutique that sells most of the top-branded mattresses at factory-direct prices: the aptly named The Mattress Boutique.  

For top-of-the-line personalised service, hop on by any of these locations where The Mattress Boutique is: 

Tradehub 21 

18 Boon Lay Way, #01-98C, S609966 

Phone: +65 6970 6978 


AZ@Paya Lebar  

140 Paya Lebar Road, #01-11, S409015 

Phone: +65 6287 6288 

Nordcom 2 

2 Gambas Crescent, #01-07, S757044 

Phone: +65 6898 6288 


Posted on 27 January 2023 

Kenny Tan, 

SIXiDES Editorial Team  


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