UNBOXID Season 2 Episode 6

In this episode of UnboxID, we catch up witht the Designerd, Astley and his trusty student, Shanice in discovering a new type of laminate by Formica that does not show joints!!!

Once again, Formica, the leading provider of designed surfaced solutions is delighting users with the launch of their Formica Cora High Pressure Laminate (HPL) series. The unique feature of this series is its seamless joinery! At current, this breakthrough technology has 5 carefully colour-matched cores.

To explain this further, imagine that the HPLs that we are all very familiar with is matched from its surface to its core. This eradicates any black joint lines that traditionally separate 2 surface panels of HPLs! All designers would rejoice knowing they can now create a continuous, seamless joint. 

The range of Formica Cora HPLs got its name from "Kore" – nickname of Persephone, an ancient Greek Goddess of the soul. Just like its namesake. Formica Cora's collection of five colour-matched cores allows the inner beauty (soul) to shine through the spaces that the designers design, giving that unequalled graced and sophistry.

Formica Cora's 5 coloured cores comes in,

  •     White,
  •     Light Grey,
  •     Beige Yellow,
  •     Yellow Brown, and
  •     Black.

To truly experience the beauty of Formica Cora's seamless joints and see how it can enhance a space is to head to Formica's showroom at 38 Armenian Street. The real physical samples will provide the real representation of how Formica Cora's collection can make a subtle yet sophisticated impact in your designed spaces. 

Book your visit to Formica's showroom here:



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At the moment, the show is hosted by veteran interior designer and CEO of SIXiDES, Astley Ng.

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