UnboxID Special Edition - Homedec

Have you ever heard of Homedec? HOMEDEC, had been part of the Malaysians’ home journey since its inception in 2003, HOMEDEC is organised bi-annually in Kuala Lumpur and Penang, held annually in Kota Kinabalu and have since expanded internationally to Jakarta, Indonesia to serve the ever-growing demand for home design solutions. And so, we decided that we should pay a surprise visit to our neighbour and see their exciting Home show! 

RIX Event During this trip in Homedec, we saw a show within a show! Homedec is also the co-eventl partner of RIX and this year marks their 4th instalment! We were fortunate to have the chance to see the event up close and personal in KLCC! 

This trip, we saw many designers and participated in the talks. Topics covered include sustainability and designer talks! We especially the purple ribbons hanging from the ceiling in this year’s ceiling treatment! 

It was a short trip, met old friends, made new friends. Pandemic didn’t stop us, in fact it got us closer! 

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For more information about Homedec: https://homedec.com.my/

About UNBOXID: UnboxID is a show about showcasing and "UNBOXING" interior design and renovation related products/services etc. We realised that many of the services and products need a voice and many users want and need to be better acquainted with the technology and product features before they make decisions in specifying and approving what goes into their home or spaces they inhabit. At the moment, the show is hosted by veteran interior designer and CEO of SIXiDES, Astley Ng.  

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