UnboxID Episode 17

In this episode, catch "The Designerd" Astley as he continues to explore the wide variety of home technology products at COMEX 2022! 

Check out the featured product and brands: 

TV: samsung.com/sg/ 

Smart home gadgets: mi.com/sg/ 

Smart home appliances: mowesmarthome.com 

Smart TV: swosh.sg 

Massage chair: sg.osim.com

About UNBOXID: UnboxID is a show about showcasing and "UNBOXING" interior design and renovation related products/services etc. We realised that many of the services and products need a voice and many users want and need to be better acquainted with the technology and product features before they make decisions in specifying and approving what goes into their home or spaces they inhabit. At the moment, the show is hosted by veteran interior designer and CEO of SIXiDES, Astley Ng.  

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