UnboxID Episode 13

This episode catch "The Designerd", Astley venture into the world of customized furniture at SP HOMES!  

Besides SP HOMES being a home grown brand, it is adopting the ideology of fast digital prototyping. What this means is they can quite literally manifest an accurate depiction of your ideal home in almost no time at all! 

They can achieve this by leveraging on their proprietary state-of-the art CAD (Computer Assisted Design) system! You get to envision your home’s appearance and potential during a sales consultation at their showroom!  Imagine this, no more waiting around for other designers who take weeks just to show you 3D drawings that don’t quite fit the look you are looking for. Let's take a look and see how they do it! 

They are also our SIXiDES Verified Vendor, their link here: 


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Renovating or upgrading? Head down for a quick consultation at their showroom: 


260 Orchard Road, 


Level 3, Singapore 238855 

Tel: 6509 6676

About UNBOXID: UnboxID is a show about showcasing and "UNBOXING" interior design and renovation related products/services etc. We realised that many of the services and products need a voice and many users want and need to be better acquainted with the technology and product features before they make decisions in specifying and approving what goes into their home or spaces they inhabit. At the moment, the show is hosted by veteran interior designer and CEO of SIXiDES, Astley Ng.  

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