UNBOXID Episode 05

Find the walls in your home dull and boring? Have you considered using wallcoverings to jazz it up? Visiting Singapore’s leading and established Wallpaper company, Wallhub houses an extensive range of over 10,000+ embellishing wallpaper designs from international design houses (Europe, Korea, Japan and USA) and on-trend in-house custom collections, visitors will be spoilt for choice to pick out the one to set the tone for their home.

Together with our KASTONE® Brick/Stone veneers and STRATO® Textured Paint from Suzuka® Global, Wallhub is the sole Singapore distributor of this premium product series accredited with Singapore Green Label. Apart from our core specialisation in Wallpaper, we provide the most comprehensive range of wall-covering products in Singapore. www.wallhub.com.sg

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