Sixides x Formica Singapore 2022 DOTM Plaque Presentation and CNY Gathering!

As we all know, Formica Singapore is a 110 year old heritage brand with a rich history and superior products that we all have known, used and trust. Sixides is honoured and humbled to be partnering with Formica Singapore to recognize the Design Heroes for 2022 and we are here today to celebrate this moment with the designers in our DOTM campaign from June -December 2022. Congratulations to all DOTM recipients!!! 

FORMICA Singapore is our sponsor and partner in distinguishing these outstanding designers. To be a DOTM, it goes beyond producing beautiful exceptional works, we are looking for discipline, rigor, consistency in work and value, the designers’ portfolio and lastly their design ethos. From Architects to Technical Designers, DOTM recipients represents the aspiration of SIXiDES, which is to make a difference and change people’s lives with their works, they embody our ideal version of what an interior designer is, and that is to be passionate, relentless and inspirational. 

We are also happy to announce that the DOTM campaign will continue its run, into 2023 and we looking forward to finding the DOTMs of 2023!

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