OpenHouse S2 Ep02 - When Less is More

Embark on a serene journey through a stunningly minimalistic HDB apartment on Depot Road, beautifully cradled by the tranquility of nature's tall, lush trees. This impeccable abode offers a rare, treehouse-like ambiance nestled comfortably amongst a leafy green backdrop, providing a calming respite from the bustling city life. 

Join homeowners Summer and Deepak as they unveil their humble sanctuary, masterfully designed by the visionary minds of SIXiDES VERIFIED ID, Ethan Interiors. They've embraced a less-is-more philosophy, stripping back the excess and allowing the majestic outdoor panorama to take center stage. Their choice to adopt a minimalistic approach inlcudes tucking away and concealing services and fittings. This attention to detail is the unsung hero of this home design. Their approach ensures that the interior design serves as a quiet, complementary canvas to the verdant views. 

Dive into our latest video to explore this unique home where simplicity meets elegance, where the interior doesn't fight for attention but rather blends harmoniously with the natural world just beyond its windows. Discover how strategic design choices contribute to a living space that's not only functional but exudes peace and contentment, allowing the peaceful outdoor greenery to steal the show. 

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