OpenHouse Ep06 Singapore interior design - Sleek and suave monochromatic interior

Sleek and suave monochromatic interior - OpenHouse Ep 06 Singapore interior design  

Indulge in The Local Project, Kelvin’s design specialty: Monochromatic homes! Watch on to find out how he take on this 5 room EA with elements of wood, cement and marble.  

The grayscale colors with the combination of woods gives this space a raw and defined look at the same time. The unobstructed windows and open concept kitchen allows plenty of natural light in to lighten up the home to give it a spacious and bright environment! 

Get your interior design ideas, tips and inspiration here! Designed and built by SIXiDES' Verified Design Firm and Designers, The Local Project, this apartment have tips and tricks for your next home renovation inspiration!  

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