A Japandi Home! DOTM x OpenHouse Special Feature 02

Join us in this episode of DOTM (Designer of the Month) x OpenHouse as we step into the innovative world of Kelvin Cai, founder and lead designer of 'The Local Project'. 

We explore his latest creation - a living space beautifully representing a fusion of Japandi x Zen, incorporating the serenity of the Japandi aesthetic with understated functionality. Immerse yourself in this tranquil retreat full of thoughtful design details and natural elements. Get a glimpse into the imaginative mind of Kelvin Cai and uncover the story behind his switch from monochromatic looks to this ultra minimalistic style. Stay tuned till the end for an exclusive insight and catch the before and after of this masterpiece. 

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Kelvin's DOTM Link: https://www.sixides.com/articles/inte...

Formica SG Link: https://www.sixides.com/vendors/brand...

About the DOTM, Designer of the Month Award (by Formica SG and SIXiDES)

SiXiDES and Formica Sg have collaborated to launch the DOTM (Designer of the Month) series, a monthly recognition initiative aimed at celebrating remarkable talents in the realm of interior design and architecture. This series puts a spotlight on a different designer or architect each month, showcasing their creative prowess, innovation, and contribution to the industry. It provides a platform for these creators to share their unique perspectives, inspirations, and design processes, thereby inspiring others in the industry and beyond. The DOTM series is not only a testament to SiXiDES' and Formica Sg's commitment to recognizing extraordinary design talent, but it also fosters a stronger sense of community and appreciation for the aesthetic and functional aspects of our built environment.


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