Home Interior Trends of 2021

The end is near… for 2021. Mere mortals have had nearly two years to deal with a new reality — doing everything at home. That meant change. Turning your home upside down to hunker down and outlast the pandemic. Or at least, make it a place where you can live in and operate out of for extended periods (more Zoom, anyone?). If you haven’t already redone your home, here are 6 most popular design choices you’ll want to consider.


1. Pantone Colour of the Year

The past two years haven’t been a walk in the park. Tough doesn’t begin to describe it. However, if there's one thing many have learnt this year, it is that a solid foundation and a little positivity can make being stuck at home pretty alright. Which is why Pantone’s Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (a kind of yellow) are the Pantone Colours of the Year. Practical and rock solid yet warming and optimistic. Together they instil strength and positivity at a time when we need it the most. No need to go crazy and splash these colours all over the place. Everything in moderation. A wall or two would be enough to make a world of difference.

2. Work From Home Station

If you haven’t already transformed your impromptu WFH set-up, you really should look into it. Like, right now. You’ve probably lost hours of productivity without knowing it!

Ever lost an idea because you couldn’t find a pen and paper on time? Paint a wall with chalkboard paint and you’ll effectively have a giant idea notepad that will never EVER go missing. If it does, you have bigger problems to deal with. 

Don’t bring work home with you; leave it at the office. Thanks to Covid-19, that’s no longer an option. In fact, most homes ARE the office now. And the first thing you should be thinking of is organisation through storage. Going vertical with storage is a great way to create space in small homes.

Standing desks are a must. They offer you a chance to work standing, sitting, and everything in between. Don’t get stuck in one pose all day — keep moving to keep that blood circulation going. Otherwise, you’ll be fatigued long before you’re done for the day.

3. Nature at Home

Having greenery inside isn’t quite the same as getting out to enjoy nature. However, in these times, it is probably the next best thing. Don’t knock it ‘till you try it — medical studies have shown then house plants can improve moods, stave off fatigue and stress, and improve focus. Bring home some green babies. You’ll never know. You could grow to love them.

4. Sustainable Homes

Have you already repurposed all the plastic GrabFood containers yet? No? Tomorrow you might? Sure you will. Alleviate your guilt. Put wood, leather, ceramic, and natural fabrics into your shopping cart for your next renovation. It’s not just for our conscience either. Natural materials lend warmth to a home which does wonders for maintaining one’s mental state and well-being.

 A less obvious path to a sustainable home is energy efficiency. Think LED light bulbs and low-flow shower heads. More expensive upfront for sure but they quickly pay for themselves. Great for you, better for the environment.

5. Home Tech

Smart homes in 2021 have almost become a ubiquitous part of home ownership. Thank Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and even Amazon Alexa for that. These make transforming homes into smart ones painless on the wallet and on the brain. Everything from locks, light bulbs, fridges, and more, all connect directly to your phone. Or your voice. Or simply your daily habits (both creepy and useful). Just a word of advice: once you choose one, you’ve got to commit. Not every device is cross-compatible with all three of these. However, once you get it down, security, leisure, and convenience are all at your fingertips.

6. Organic Shapes and Archways

Between a ball and a box, which would you rather hug? That’s right. Sharp angles are great for putting everything in their own space, but organic ones are what humans connect with. They evoke softness and relaxation. Talk to your ID about adding organic shapes and archways to your next project; they’ll find the best way to help make it a reality without forcing it.

Getting ready for 2022

The 80s couldn’t have been more wrong about what 2021 would look like; no flying cars (sigh); no space travel (Sigh); no aliens (SIGH); no killer robots (whew); people prefer nature over plastic (yay); and everyone is stuck at home (boo). What it did get right was that homes would become more liveable and smarter. If there was ever a time to update the home, it's now, when you’re most intimate with your home and your needs.


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